Tuesday, January 12, 2010

WoW… EvEr hAvE ToO MuCh To SaY?

The sun is shining!  That is good.  Jason got a roof rake.  He also explained to me the mechanics behind getting one and how we don’t want our gutters to freeze up, and water to get under the shingles, then flow freely down the inside of the walls. 

Yikes!  I am glad that he knows about these things.  Honestly, in the world we live in today, how can anyone keep up with everything that you need to know. 

Even if you know what needs to be done having the materials to do it, and the skill required or MONEY needed.  OMG!

If I had it to do over again, I’ve been thinking about this regularly if you can imagine…  I’d have wanted to disperse our income out differently. 

Where we are at, well lets just say things are tight.  We’ve had a bit of relief, and sadly that went to the emotional stabilization of Jason.  And some to me.  Should we have done something different?  Possibly.   I can’t say for sure. 

Did we make a good investment?  Right now I’d say so.  Jason while not ecstatic is happier than he’s been in years.  The photography thing has really helped him!  He was headed down the downward spiral of nothingness. 

His love of taking pictures began in high school.  I am sad to say we haven’t really done anything to further his love since we’ve been married.  He would occasionally talk about it, but it really never made it to the top of the list. 

When our friends started getting these cameras several years ago, he would talk about it more and more.  Now almost everyone we know has one of these camera’s or one similar to it. 

A couple of them even know how to actually do some great things with it.  Not that you can’t get great pictures with these camera’s just with the point and shoot method.  Which is the one that I always will use. 

I may fiddle a little, but Jason is so completely into the settings, the lighting, the details behind the shot.  He has got a couple of lenses.  So he has got some learning to do.

He did attend the photography class.  He came home from it excited for sure.  I am glad that he had been fiddling enough with the camera before the class.  He had enough knowledge of the camera itself and knew how to do some things that allowed him to soak in even more I think.

The class wasn’t expensive at all, the more advanced ones do get expensive, but hey, it is all good.  It is so worth it.

This morning I woke up and he was already out taking pictures of the morning frost on the trees.  Which I must say was quite beautiful!

Did he take the best pictures?  I don’t know.  But he was able to let me see how beautiful the snow looked as it floated on the branches of the trees!  I will post one of the shots here. 


New Camera with Tree 853 copy


As far as things have been going for myself.  Life hasn’t been that exciting.  My body has totally taken over my life again.  I have been miserable, after the three days of intense pain, now I am exhausted.  I’ve been depressed, I can’t seem to do any moving with out more intense pain setting in.  I can sit here all propped up by pillows, but can only be up for short periods of time.  grrrrr.

Since the snow began, I have hardly left the house.  I don’t know when that was, most days, I don’t even know what day of the week it is.  But it has been a very very long time.

It is lonely.  Jason is only good for a short amount of actual conversation.  I have been on the phone a bit lately, but everyone else is back into the full swings of their lives. 

I am glad that they are!  I would hate for their lives to be like mine.  I usually do quite well entertaining myself.  But since I have been in bed 24/7 again for days and days since pretty much before Christmas… well it is becoming taxing on my emotional state of mind.

I am trying to do something that makes me feel good.  I like creating digital art.  I like taking pictures and making them different.  Giving my personality a little room to flow into the shot. 

Jason is so good at taking nice pictures!  In fact, he has taken lots and lots of great shots!  I have been busy tweeking or brightening or sharpening or just completely editing.  I feel good about creating things.  Makes me happy.

Right now sitting up at the sewing machine or something I think would irritate my neck again.  It got bad after each project I finished.  It was worth it.  But right now I am really feeling the need to get things all calmed down.  The pain has started progressing after three projects and I need it to go back down.  I want off of the pain medications and I want winter to end! 

I look outside right now and dream of sitting out in my nifty lawn chair in the sun.  With sunscreen of course. 

I did get in the mail a new Vickie’s Secret’s catalog!  This issue is the new swimsuit issue!  I am excited about this one.  I actually may make my own swim suit this year!  I need ideas!  A new Seed Saver’s Exchange catalog, this is one that I will actually order from, not that I don’t order occasionally or shop at Vickie’s Secret I do.  But I am stocked up for now I just enjoy looking and circling! 

I love Seed Saver’s Exchange!!!  Just love it!  They provide excellent quality heirloom seeds and some plants.  They are a non profit, and actually BANK seeds in a world seed bank, just in case of a natural or man made disaster.  So what this group does will keep man fed for years to come in the future!  BLESS THEM!  Many many volunteers help out there to make this possible.  They have also branched out into other areas, check it out!

In the mail as well came InStyle magazine.  Yes, I broke down and got myself a subscription.  I was reading this magazine at a couple of places and I fell in love with the issues, so much so I wanted to rip 1/2 of their catalog apart and take it with me.  ( I did not do this ) Thought about it.  But I did get a couple copies!  Then I ordered the magazine.  The first issue I received I was disappointed in.  I hope this one is better.  It is my only paid subscription.  I probably should have ordered a health magazine instead.  But I LOVE FASHION!!   It makes me happy! 

So do clothes and shoes even if the only thing I get to do is look at them.  Which lately has been the case.  EXCEPT for my new shoes and new boots!  I wear them around everywhere!  Even though I go no where!  Hee Hee!!

I especially am loving my DANSKO Professional’s!   They make my joints move easier, who’d have thought?  I hate taking them off!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Well, for my adjenda today, I plan to read these mail items, walk around in my DANSKO Professional’s, keep in mind, it is already late afternoon.. 

We’ll I did unload the dishwasher that Jason loaded and ran!  Yea!  Jason!!!  I also loaded it.  He can start it.  I fed Luka and let him out, I brushed my teeth and washed my face.  I had kept a MASK on my face since yesterday. 

That is a trick I have learned over the years.  I use the Revitalizing Mask these days, in the summer I may use the Clarifying Mask.  They of course come from the wonderful Mary Kay Cosmetic’s company of which I have been a consultant for for 18 years now.  PHEW!  (So if you need help in this area, I will hook you up, just let me know!)

I use the Mask and personally leave it on on days when I haven’t been able to wash my face much.  Days that I am so miserable, this is something that has gone to the wayside I am afraid.  I hate that, I was always so faithful before.  But this helps, and I don’t break out and my face still feels clean.  (This trick isn’t for everyone, but it does help me!)

Well, since I have only had Jason to speak to lately, besides Luka… He is a little overloaded with the amount of speaking I want to do, or rather would like him to do.  The man of fewer words.. 

He’s done well, I have annoyed him for sure today.  At least he gets a break from my chatter tomorrow. 

I am having quite the interesting conversations with myself.  [SMILE} ….

Ahhhhh…..  I feel better tonight aside from getting all tired out.. and not being up much..  doing great!  I do not feel as lonely as I had before. 

Blessings and Adventures!

Pink Doberman


stipeygirl75 said...

I ordered from Seed Saver's Exchange last year for the first time and was really impressed. We had some tasty veggies from those seeds! I will be using them again.

~Pink~Doberman~ said...

Let me know how your garden does this year!!