Thursday, January 14, 2010


Writing these days or rather I should say typing.  I find that it does help to calm me and it does help me to get all of the things out that float around in my head.  Thus making my life and Jason’s more enjoyable.

Of course much of my life is not written here.  I keep many many areas private.  Or at least mostly so with occasional peaks into things that I consider relevant for the day.

How much is private?  How much is public?  I don’t know.  Those who know  me know I will answer pretty much any question put to me.  I really do not have any secrets. 

However, others may not feel the same way, so in keeping with respecting other’s boundaries I work very hard to see that the lines are not disturbed.  Of course where that line lies in my mind and where it may lie in theirs may be in two entirely different spots. 

Jason is very private.  He has been so great about my posts.  I think in particular, because of the insight he finds into what I am going through. 

Things are much easier expressed for me in many cases more clearly at least when the words flow through my finger tips.  I defiantly do not speak as I write. 

My writing is much more eloquent.  I do enjoy speaking, I also know that I am not nearly as good at it as I once was.  That being said, I am not horrible at it either.  This is not a gift.  This is something that was taught to me by my mother and her friend Kay.  Through many years of 4-H and FFA then followed up by Mary Kay mentors.  Of course with anything all of the training in the world would not make you capable.  You must just get out there and do it. 

I have always enjoyed speaking, demonstrating, etc.  It is who I am.  Or who I was taught to be.  I am finding other things to focus on these days, as most of the time with Jason gone, I can go a whole day or longer with out having spoken at all.  That would have been thought impossible for me before. 

Do I like that? No not really.  But keeping my mouth shut and reflecting more.  Noticing what I see and do is also a bonus. 

I do feel sorry for those that come near me just after a long period of having no conversation with a live person.  I can scare the best talkers and listeners off pretty darn quick!

Ahh the joys… 

I guess I just have allot to say. 

Bye for now..

Pink Doberman

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