Monday, January 18, 2010


The last several posts were written ahead of time just as this one is.  Actually many of my posts are now being prewritten, and a time chosen for their actual posting! 

I like this feature!  It gives me the opportunity to create a blog with more consistency.  Of course often times I will find myself actually posting immediately as well.  I think there are times for both I suppose.

I have been trying to write a post about disaster relief and Haiti.  Right now I just can’t come up with what I want to say in a way that I think will be understood. 

This is an area in which I have a fair degree of experience.  I have been a National Disaster Volunteer and then went on to work for a volunteer organization, by running one of the branches.  It was all an enlightening and rewarding experience. 

I am not sure if I will be able to write about it or not.  It is a chapter of my life that I don’t speak much about.  At least not anymore. 

Keeping this in mind, know my thoughts and prayers are with those suffering in Haiti, the relief workers, the military, and the friends and families of those that love people there. 

I have received word that a dear friend of our friends did die there.  I have also received word that the family of friends adopted Haitian children are ok.  No more is known that that, but for those families and friends, I will be saying extra prayers. 

As I type this tonight, as is often the case, Jason is already lying in bed next to me asleep.  Tonight I watched him for a few moments as he reached behind him and itched his foot behind his back while sleeping away.  He is warm as usual and I am not as usual.  I’ve got my half of the electric blanket on high and he’s got at least two fans going in our room. 

Luka is asleep on the floor beside my bed.  Tonight we think he alerted on Jason’s latest headache.  Pretty cool me thinks!!!  =D

Today was a good day for me, and for us really.  This was the first day in a month or so… (who knows for sure really how long, I’d have to go back and read more blog post’s to identify a correct time period.)    that I actually felt good.  I had a clear head.  I could hold my head up with out the pain continuing to increase.  It still hurt but the pain didn’t keep intensifying. 

I am so grateful for that! 

Yesterday was decent as well, actually right now the days seem to be finally on a gradual assent of improvement!  Phew!  I hope this continues!  I will keep trying to not let my body get further out of whack.

It is also a great day because, we were able to go out and be with the rescue dogs.  While we weren’t out doing that for any great length of time.  It did feel good.  It has been hard with winter, with Ozzie’s passing and with me feeling like C. R. A. P.!  to get out and do it.

Jason even brought along his camera, I have yet to look at his pictures.  But I will here soon.  I may even post some here before I close this out. 

Luka and I walked around the store we showed in today.  Both the local Petco’s and the local Petsmart’s allow rescue groups to show off the dogs!  What great stores!  We really like both companies! 

Luka did end up going to the dentist with me the other day, his feet are FINALLY starting to heal!  Thank God!  Since I have had him on his home cooked food diet as well, the gnawing desire has decreased.  His feet still itch a bit because of the healing, but he is starting to understand the benefit of leaving them alone.

We have switched from bandages and elastic wraps back to socks. 

So he went out excitedly with me to the dentist.  He alerted on me there as well.  He has done that two times in front of my current dental student.  The one before I think he alerted one time.  Good Job Luka!!  He is starting to get his mojo back!

So today at first arrival at the pet supply store, Luka was a nut!  Super excited and whining to go do and see everyone.  Poor guy, he’s been cooped up with his injuries for so long!  And then the weather… and me….

Today was a welcome relief for him!  He is starting to be much happier.  So am I.  I was feeling the same as he was!

By the end of the time there he was a perfectly obedient Service Dog.  Content and working.  We even walked a pup around the store!  That was fun!  ….

Jason is needing the computer off for better rest..

Good Night,

Pink Doberman

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