Thursday, January 7, 2010


Finished!  One project finished!  Phew!!  I just have to get it packed up and Jason will get it mailed out tomorrow.  It feels good to have that done! 

Jason helped me out with the project too, that is always nice when he does that.  I appreciate his input.  I wish I could share it with you now, but I can’t. 

I may be picking up another project in a bit as well.  This one is to make a pattern for a dog pack.  One of my Service Dog friends is needing something different than she can find or afford.  I understand that for sure!  The packs especially the nice ones that work well are SUPER expensive.  I hate that. 

In fact Jason and I often comment that everything that we want or need is always at least $100.  THAT PEOPLE IS ALLOT OF MONEY!  Especially when you have to spend it on something that breaks!  Grrrrr…

I wouldn’t mind if it could be guaranteed to perform for a great length of time… but electronics especially make me frustrated.  Things for animals are getting to be just as bad. 

I am going to make some more things eventually.  My sister when her family drove through the other day left me bunches of stuff I could use.  Although to Jason all of this stuff is like I am filling up the house with Styrofoam peanuts that have no use or value…  he thinks I am a trash collector. 

I probably am, but one persons trash is another’s treasure.  I like making treasures!  I hate that everything ends up in a land fill.  It is so frustrating.  If I had the energy I would adjust and reuse so many other things too. 

Ahh… one thing at a time.  At least that is what I tell myself.

I have also been in the process of using up all of the bottles of lotion I have been collecting over the years.  My skin this winter is finally dry enough to be driving me out of my skin!

I have had years of teaching others how to care for their dry spots, so I am not using all of my techniques tips and tricks for myself!  I love it!  I am not suffering at all now, and my lotion collection is finally starting to dwindle!  Yea!

That feels wonderful!  Years before I would only use lotion a few times a year, but I collected it like I used it everyday.  Now I am using it two times a day and I am feeling wonderful!  I smell pretty great too!

With the new year more people are committing to change their lives!  I am as well, although mine is not a resolution.  I don’t make those.  I just set goals.  So my latest one and I have yet to start it completely is the gluten free thing. 

What I have done though is set myself up to succeed.  At least I am in the process of it.  When Jason eats at home he will be eating gluten free as well.  He doesn’t eat her that often so he really won’t notice much of a difference. 

We are eating all of the wheat filled things in the cupboard yet.  I am not planning to make up all of the desert mixes.  I will save those for events that I go to until they are gone. 

We are though finishing up all of the things like wheat pasta, mac and cheese and other things that I have been weeding out as they are just not things that we should be eating anyway. 

In fact I ate mac and cheese, an all time favorite comfort food of mine.  I was miserable so thought it would be a good day to have it, that it might make me feel all warm and fuzzy…  NOPE….

I think the last box may end up being donated.  As for the first time in my life I didn’t even really want it.  SO WIERD!  I guess I am changing!

So the food pantry will be getting that box!  Someone will love it!  I will probably toss in a few other wheaty things to join it on the trip a whole two blocks away! 

For now it is time to go.  I have fingers and arms that are cramping up.  I have worked through it so far, but I am afraid, the serious pain is starting to set in and I will have to set and stretch out my flanges for the night and let them rest.

Good Night All, one down and more to go!

Pink Doberman



Dry weather brings dry skin!  One of the things that is the most important to personal comfort is keeping your skin in good order


stipeygirl75 said...

I just went gluten-free also, and it does help. I also had to get rid of cow's milk and eggs. It is amazing how creative you can get if you really need to!

~Pink~Doberman~ said...

I am glad you have found things that are helping. I don't drink milk either. I do occasionally eat eggs. Just another trip on this wild journey! =)