Tuesday, January 19, 2010

OuTiNg PaRt tWo

New Camera 982 Luka and I showing off one of the new dobie puppies at the Doberman Showing.  See his new boots!!  Muttluks!!  They worked perfect!

I don’t think I will be wearing this outfit again.  Not having a long mirror to see how I look I really made some interesting choices with this outfit!  I did stay warm!!  That is really all that mattered! 

Two pairs of tights, long socks Fuggs skirt 2 shirts and a red blazer = nice and toasty girl!  Just a little funny looking. 

It ended up being a good day yesterday.  I sure felt my outing this morning.  I was pretty achy, but other than that I felt good. 

Unfortunately by afternoon my neck started acting up so my day has been uneventful. 

I was going to write more.  I did have more to say, but I can’t remember at all.  Lately I have been drawing some blanks.  I miss my Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy!  I am going backward instead of forward again. 

Bad thing is that it is a new year.  You have to pay a whole new batch of deductibles in the new year.  We don’t have the money.  Ozzie’s bills and my dental bills as well as my fading lifeline to the world, my computer (the screen is going bad). 

I will get a massage on Monday!  I am grateful for that.  It doesn’t go through insurance.  Oh boy oh boy! 

One thing at a time.  Since most day’s since I have stopped going to therapy I have gotten worse and worse and worse.  Well I will be finding a way to make it all up so I can get back on track getting more strength back. 

Sorry Jason, I guess that means you get to start being a regular chauffer again soon.  Welcome to boredom and getting nothing else done…..


The latest mortifying thing for Jason was having a friend A.K.  come in and use the bathroom while picking something up.  Our house is horrible.  The worst it has ever been, probably not, but the worst it has ever been when someone else saw it.   While I wasn’t mortified, I wasn’t thrilled, of course I am  happy to have people in no matter what our house looks like. 

We are not where we live, how clean our house is, how wealthy or poor, or what we drive or don’t.  We are people who are just doing the best we can do in this thing called life! 

And of course A.K. didn’t care, she wouldn’t ever care about that.  We have really good friends! 

I keep thinking I will get to clean it.  I get something done, but then get to tired, and the next thing you know it looks as if I haven’t done a thing. 

Jason does some things too but he has also got a lot on his plate.  So I guess if you plan on stopping by, bring your cleaning clothes!  Ha Ha!  Just kidding!  


Here are some more pictures that Jason has taken! 

New Camera with Tree 853 copy

New Camera 830

Luka Small for Internet 826 What a beautiful boy!  So distinguished!  I really like these pictures!  He’ll take pictures of your family and pets too!

You can’t beat his prices!!

Well good night for now!  Tomorrow is always a better day!

Keeping Haiti in my mind!  BTW Just found where we will be donating!  Lutheran World ReliefThrivent will give matching donations!  I think for every one dollar we give they donate two!  You can even text your donations in! 


Pink Doberman

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