Sunday, January 17, 2010

BeTtEr…. bEtTeR…. WiTh tOmOrRoW iN mY SiGhTs!

So I am hoping to write a bit more optimistic today.  My body is in a sour state.  So I will talk about other things.

Things I am doing today.

I did fold a load of laundry.  One that Jason had started.  First in quite a while. 

I started another load of laundry.  One that didn’t require me to crawl around on the floor and sort, I might add.

The mail was once again delivered to the door.  YEA!  I got a package.  I had ordered a used computer off of Ebay.  I don’t get things there often.  But my current computer has been redone many times now.  I fear the need to do it again soon and needed another to have for parts or back up. 

This didn’t turn out to be the best idea, or at least it seems that way at the moment.  The promises of the seller aren’t what I received.  Now I have to figure out what to do. Grrrr…

Our postal delivery carrier who is not very cheery any day, is unusually grumpy as of late.  It doesn’t help I suppose that all of the snow has worsened his job.  He pretty much refuses to use our boxes as there is too much snow in front of our box. 

Jason didn’t scoop it out after each snow he just drove on it.  So while everyone with boxes can reach into them with ease.  This is against postal regulations apparently. 

None of the other neighbors who share the area with us seem to ever care about that space.  I think Jason with all he’s had on his plate just gave up on this one. 

Which is fine with me, I can’t go sliding out to get the mail anyway, so I don’t care if it is in the box or not.  Jason just as well drive to the post office on the days he is home to gather it. 

I didn’t leave a holiday gift for the postman this year either though.  I had most years in the past.   Probably another strike against us.

Ahh the joys.

Today is I decided to so a cleanse day for myself.  So no eating for me.  I haven’t been sleeping well at all.  I don’t know why, and I have been feeling just rotten.  Both physically and mentally.  I don’t know if this will help, but at this point I don’t think it will hurt either.  I am following the plan. 

So far my plan for that is going well. 

I got some funny pictures from a fund raising event that our friends participated in.  Oh, my would that have been fun to see.  That is all I will really say on the subject since I have been asked to keep them from floating around the world.  But Jason and I did get a great laugh from them! 

I have a project in the works for the winner of that event.  I think it will be something at least that his wife will enjoy having.  Hee Heee!!!! 

I’ve also been loving the electric blanket Jason put it under the mattress pad.  Thank You Honey!

I am going to venture downstairs after I get warmer.  Pick out some yarn and a crochet needle.  If that is what the little hooky stick is called.  You can’t thread it so I am not sure if it is called a needle.  Hmm.. I will have to figure that out. 

I am looking forward to that, I just saw on one of the blogs that I follow something simple that she did.  I can do that too!  I am just sure of it!    You can check it out here!  She’s been doing some pretty fun things.

Luka is sacked out here next to me.  His feet are still healing.  We take the wraps off during the day when someone can sit beside him to watch him.  We bandage him up in the evening so we can sleep.  This morning he managed to get one of the bandages off.  So he licked himself more.  He didn’t get to chewing so we are still in the healing process.  So thankful about that.

I have ordered his boots!  They are coming from Canada!  Because he is a Service Dog and we are members of a people who have Service Dogs organization we get a discount! 

They are super nice boots I think.  At least I have heard great things about them.  I am hoping to make him a wrap to wear when we can go out again.  I bought some fleece months ago.  I have yet to get to the project.  I am now wishing I had gotten a different color.  But I will make it work!  I think I will just add stitching and edging in a different color. 

The place I am getting the boots from also has some great coats.  I was tempted, but since I can sew my own.  That will save me some big bucks!  Check out the Boots!  I am getting the fleece lined ones!  In RED!!  Just click Here!

He will look so smart in Husker Red Boots!  I really wanted to order him the pink ones.  But thought better of it.  His jacket will be a chocolate color with red trim I have decided.  That should work out great! 

Something funny, tomorrow I will finally get out of the house.  I have a dental appointment to get my crown seated.  The frustrating part/funny part is that I will finally get out and have others to talk to but won’t be able to because I will have hands in my mouth!  GRRRRR…

Luka isn’t going to make the trip.  Wish he were ready to go but he isn’t.  Jason will just have to escort me.  =)!!! 

So the day has gone well.

I haven’t accomplished much for sure, but I am finally feeling more clear!  YEA!  I had a great talk with an friend from my past, courtesy of Facebook!  I don’t believe we’d have other wise caught up.  We chatted online for a while and then decided to talk on the phone.  We talked for an hour.  That was so nice. 

She’s been through a lot too!  I am glad to know that her life is doing better.  She is a strong gal!  A beautiful one as well.  She does great in all that she does. 

I actually may ask her to guest post here.  I think that might be fun. 


Having just read a blog that struck a chord with me.  I thought I might as well share.  Friends of mine have introduced me to the fancy television show called Entourage, I love it too.  Of course, I don’t get the show here.  It is on the fancy pay extra for it television.  Luckily they like to pay for that stuff, and they have one of those recording devices so they can watch the show at their leisure. 

Well another blogger evidently likes the show as well.  Yes folks it is a bit raunchy.  But it is fun, and it takes your mind off of your troubles!  You even get some laughs out of it, which makes it oh so much better!  Read how she uses the show to illustrate: staying in the game, digging up dirt, connecting, loving, and attitude control!  She is so right! 

It gave me a smile and makes me want to see the show more often.  Entertainment at its finest laughing while learning!  Check out the post!

Ok, so life is good.  Tonight has been the best in a long time. 

I get to go to the dentist tomorrow, and see what the world outside of these walls looks like!  I love it! 

BTW, I did start learning to crochet!  Nothing notable I just started. 

Blessings and Better Tomorrow’s,

Prayers and Dreams for a New and Improved Haiti!

Pink Doberman

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