Thursday, January 28, 2010

A wHoLe NeW wOrLd!

So, Jason has been considerate and is letting me use his computer again tonight.  We had a good day.  I could hardly walk to day but it was a good day.  I refused to stay home as I knew he was really wanting to go to Avatar the movie.  I did what I could I got ready took my meds, he knew I was hurting and said we didn't need to go that we could stay.

He needed to go, and while I knew I would hurt even worse, it was worth it.  I don't give up and I don't let someone I love not do something because I might have extra pain.  Especially when it is something that is good for his soul!. ..   In addition I have wanted to see that movie, I did want to see it in 3D can't do that at home I didn't have a time line and figured I probably would miss watching this one in the theater like so many others. 

These days I much prefer watching movies at home than in the theaters.  Those seats hurt.  The only theater I like is the one owned by friends who have comfey couches and recliners to sit on at their theater.  Most chairs hurt me.  That is a big problem with so many places I go, including Dr's offices...  so frustrating.

After the movie, I couldn't get up.. 3 hours of sitting had done a number on me... Aie Yie Yai...  Oh my I hurt.  He was going to take me out for a burger afterward, but he gracefully decided to take me home and let me lay down and rest.  Phew!  Jason even made me pizza!  Go Jason!  We had gone to the noon movie and so our supper was quite welcome!  He even put pineapple on it!  Mmmm!

So here I am many hours later.  But it was worth it.  Jason loved it, he was actually kind of expecting not to because of all of the hype.  But he loved it!  He had a great time, huge smile and it gave him 3 hours of peace, except for every time I would shift in my chair he would be asking me if I was alright...   bless his heart.  I told him I was.  After all I was enjoying the movie and at times I actually forgot my pain, so that was good also!  =)

We even took pictures of ourselves in our 3D glasses.  We chose to keep them instead of recycling them... never know when 3D glasses will come in handy, and these just look plane nerdy on top of it all!  They are awesome!  Don't know if I will post them or not.  I may.

Avatar was worth seeing, more than the cool film effects, I really loved the message behind the movie.  I also loved the fact that the lead role was played by someone who is disabled, and finds relief of his different abilities through his experiences and changes. 

Sometimes putting yourself in someone else's shoes opens up a whole new world for you.  A beautiful world. 

Excited for a new day!  I really love my husband!  ( just thought I'd share....)

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