Friday, August 13, 2010

Assistance/Service Dog Proclamation! Look who showed up!!!

Assistance Dog Week Photo’s 

Click Here to See the State of Nebraska’s Official Photo of our group with the proclamation! 

Thanks to Mikki McCann Nebraska State Senator Kate Sullivan’s Legislative Aid for coming in on her DAY OFF to support our awareness campaign!! 

She took these great pictures in the Great Hall! 

National Assistance Dog Proclamation Ceremony 005


National Assistance Dog Proclamation Ceremony 008


Here we are… Me (Luka is taking five), The folks from NOAH’s SD Training Center, Nike and Lilly (under the bench), Roxann and Tay, The folks from Domesti-Pups SD Training Center

Other folks who were present but not pictured… Stephanie a local independent dog trainer, Mikki McCann, My friend Gwen, Lt. Ron Baily from the Nebraska State Penitentiary’s Second Chance Pup’s Program  and Russ.   We had a great turn out! 

Thanks Mikki for sharing your pictures!!    As more people share their pictures of the day I will post them here also!  We ended up getting lots of very blurry pictures of our day.  So I am quite grateful for the pictures we did get. 

Find out more.  Visit the National Assistance Dog Week Website!


Pink Doberman

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