Friday, August 20, 2010

I DoN’t HaVe…

He is so right!  You’ve just got to read this post by Dave about a mother and son.  The son is brilliant and has Downs Syndrome.  Really click on this link and read it!  It is so worth the read!

I am so like this too!  I don’t have all of these things all of the time.  I mean I do, but different at different times I am affected differently.  Sometimes I can get up and down just fine.  Sometimes I can’t.  Some times I can negotiate stairs, while I should always have my hands on the rails…  Sometimes I can see and think and remember rather well, other times I can’t. 

I hope you’ve read the post I told you about above.  I will cause you to think about things differently.  It may cause you to think about yourself differently. 

I had often thought this but really hadn’t found a way to appropriately express it.  I am still me.


Pink Doberman

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