Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So today, is going to be interesting.  I get to see an Ophthalmologist Neurologist today.  Who knew that there was a Dr. like this.. ??  Well not me.  I guess if your balance is a little wonkey and other sorts of things, that this is one of the places you should visit, especially if you’ve been knocked around a bit.  Say for example you’ve had a CAR ACCIDENT or something…  It can also help rule out or confirm all sorts of other things too I guess. 

So this appointment is a 4 hour appointment.  YEEKS!  I wonder if my eyes will even be open after this?  I am supposed to bring Luka and my medications as the lady shared on the phone with me that some of the tests can bring out some issues.  Lovely!  I’ve got things I want to do later and they don’t involve feeling miserable… But then again, no pain, no gain.  Right?

Did you know that your eyes can be knocked out of alignment?  Or something like this?  I never really took the time to think about it.  In fact I have rarely given my eyes much thought since I was little.  I did wear glasses then, but guess what ever was wrong was something I grew out of…

Well, here is what I am hoping. They find something wrong with me that can be easily fixed!  Is that wishful thinking or what?  Because I’d really like to stop feeling so physically unstable… Hey, I know I am unstable (in more ways than one).  I’d just like there to be a positive solution for something I am struggling with.  Is that really so much to ask?  Oh, and I’d also prefer that it not include any invasive type of procedure!  I need to clarify that as well. 

I also really hope that I don’t need glasses….

                                                          or contacts… 

                                                             I hear I could end up with a sort of eye patch too.. 

I think that might make me a pirate!  Well that would be something I’ve never been before!  I wonder if wearing and eye patch means you get dibs on treasures???

                                                     Why am I going to this appointment today? 




I guess I am going because I’d like answers, or no answers.  But either way something else is ruled out or confirmed, even though I really don’t want to know.  I’ve got enough I think.  Quite enough.  Do I really need to add to the growing list of maladies?  I think not!

Oh, and the best part is, that Jason gets to come with me and sit for 4 hours with me!  NOT.  That man HATES to Wait!  Bless his heart he will do it anyway because he loves me.  So say your prayers for him and if you’ve got a spare say one for me too.

Sometimes we do things not because we want to but because they are the best for those we love.  He is appreciated.

Say some prayers for the Christian people living in South Central Nebraska would you.  There is a raging disagreement by folks going on that just breaks my heart.  Pray for Love Understanding and a willingness to accept one another.  


Pink Doberman

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