Monday, August 30, 2010

bLeSs HiS hEaRt!

These days have been difficult, it has been my goal to keep up with blogging most days.  Some days I am able to blog days in advance which does help me make it through days where blogging just is not going to happen for me. 

While I have been away from blogging this is some of what has been going on for me.

I have been trying to sleep at nights, sometimes this has been working and other times this has been a huge challenge. 

CreativeLIVE has been having some more fabulous FREE online training, this week it was on photography!  Next week my watercolor class will finish. 

Waking up one morning to sinus congestion was not my idea of a good time.  That wiped me out more days than I care to admit!  Piles of Vitamin C later… I am now today doing so much better. 

My sinus infection came on the heels of recovering from the ER visit, drive home, days in bed suffering from lingering pain… lets just say it was a difficult week and leave it at that shall we! 

All I can say is Thank God for CreativeLIVE watching the free online classes was a huge Godsend.  My mind was given some thinking to do during my misery.  The best part about it was that I learned TONS of great things!  I love learning!  Have I mentioned that?  I think the best thing about learning new things is putting what you’ve learned into action!  I’ve already begun! 

This week I need to get my watercolor up to speed with the place that the class is at.  I will be mightily impressed with myself if I can do this.  CreativeLIVE has also been having a FREE live online basic watercolor painting class that I have been watching.  Having only ever painted and finished one watercolor picture in my whole life, and that was over 20 years ago when I was in high school, well… let’s just say I need what this class is teaching.  I hope I will be able to put some of the pictures that Jason has taken with his camera to use on canvas with my interpretations of them. 

My knitting is going well.  While I haven’t spoken much about this for some time I did manage a while back to finish the first ball of yarn with a basic stitch.  I am now officially making a project.  A winter scarf, I am using some yarn that I had left over from another art project in high school.  Yes I know.. why in the world would someone keep something that long?  I really liked the yarn, I had wanted to do more weaving projects, but I only ever did the one and I wanted to use the beautiful yarn I had picked out for something. 

It is a good thing I hung on to it.  Because yarn is expensive!  Especially the kind that doesn’t make my skin itch!  So while my scarf is already not perfect, I think it will be fun to wear.  I hope mauve comes back in style soon!  I’ll post a picture when I am done with it!  I think I will be adding some extra creativity to it to hide my errors. 

Today ended up being a great day!  My first in a while!  Jason was home too!  An interesting thing to note… when I went to the ER the other day and we had to travel home after the ER visit, Jason packed up all of my stuff in minutes!  We got back from the ER, I sat in the car and waited for him to load all of my stuff up.  I’d been so sick I hadn’t packed up a thing from my week long visit.  What takes me hours to pack because I move so slowly, he gathered up with dizzying speed.  He even packed my clothes rather neatly!  We got home and I’d been in bed for almost another week before I even asked for more than my face cleaning stuff. 

I needed to go out in public one day for a bit, and NEEDED some makeup to cover the HUGE circles around my eyes and some other blotchy spots on my face..  NO Makeup!  NONE!  Yikes!  Not good…  Turns out he’d gathered up the things I left on the counter but forgot to look in the bathroom cupboards..  where my jewelry and accessories were stored as well as my makeup brushes and all of my concealor, eye shadow, mascara… you name it..   None of it is within reach of my finger tips!

This was about to become a travesty!  UNTIL I remembered… Hey, you sell makeup!  Ha!  I do sell makeup!  I have a ton of it in my old office now my craft/art/MaryKay room…  I was saved!  I have samples and demos and all sorts of things… phew!  I tell you the world was never happier!  This girl needs her makeup!  Not that I am that vain, I am just thinking of others.  I really do look much more ill with out my makeup than with it.   I should post a picture of me before my makeup which I am not kidding will really make you happy I do wear it. 

I have tried to go out with out it.  It isn’t good.  Are you ok?  Are you sick?  Have you been sleeping?  (people avoiding looking at me.., not wanting me to stand to close as they might catch whatever I have) It really isn’t worth it. 

Thank goodness for all 17 years of being trained by all of those professional makeup artists!  Aging, Accidents, Illness, Acne and Allergies do not make for a flawless face.  But knowing the tricks of the trade can pull off a blooming miracle!   I am not kidding!  It just takes a couple minutes, and the worst things are fixed and then people will look at me and never know how crappy I feel! 

Jason did find some earrings that I had made from old broken jewelry and manage to pack those!  Bobbly Pink and red beaded earrings can go with just about anything I think!  And he packed my silver necklace with my mom’s amazing slide.  So I even have jewelry to wear!  I have tons of jewelry from my previous life, unfortunately I became allergic to almost all of it about 15 years ago and couldn’t wear it any more.  I had made tons of it too, so now I am slowly redoing all of the findings on it.  This girl can wear sterling silver or hyper expensive platinum..  not good on the budget.  So most of it sits here waiting for some new bits.  UGG! 

My friend is going to go search the bathroom I use while I stay and drop a box of my precious goodies in the mail.  I just wish I’d have realized I was missing everything sooner!  But hey, Jason did an amazing job of taking care of me and everything else!  I am actually amazed that he found all of the things of mine that he did to get packed loaded and taken back home with us.  Because I do bring everything in the house including the kitchen sink, the floor mat, … you get the picture! 

Bless his heart is all I have to say!  My man takes good care of me!  Am I a Diva.. probably.  But I really do TRY NOT to be one!


Pink Doberman

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