Tuesday, August 3, 2010

InFiNiTy & BeYoNd..

What do you do when all of your choices have been limited to ONE? 
You CHOOSE to become happy about the ONE thing that you have!  No matter what it is.  You still have something to be grateful for, even if it isn’t the ONE thing that you would have chosen. 
I am happy!  Even if this is not what I would have chosen for myself.  I can still choose to be happy.  I don’t have to like it, but I am grateful.  I am talking about shoes.  When I was told I shouldn’t wear heels, I stopped wearing my beautiful Brazilian shoes.  I did not however stop looking at them or dreaming of wearing them again. 
I got myself flat shoes..  No comparison to my pretty heels, but better than nothing, they didn’t make me feel better. 
My friend got me MY Dansko shoes!  I like those, they made my feet feel better.. until I was told..
I could only wear this or this brand of shoes and my insoles.  Everything else would make me stand incorrectly and prevent me from getting better.  I grew to be happy with this choice.  My only choice.  Even though it is summer and my feet want to be FREE!!!  What I want most is to be better, to be in less pain and to have a better quality of life, so this girl follows instructions!
I have now heard from the to far most EXPERTS with those who have EDS that wearing a VARIETY of heel sizes and shoe types if preferred for me!  In fact keeping my body out of the “Optimal” shape may just be one way to keep my hips from being so squirrely.   I don’t know, but I used to be of the opinion to wear what feels good and does not hurt!  So I am going to take back my life with a variety of shoes!
That is however bad news for Jason…. which means when I go somewhere for the night.. I will be bringing a bag of shoes with me for me to choose what to wear during the day! 
I have two HUGE Thank You’s to TWO Dr’s my Dr. B and Dr. Byrd who Unknowingly gave me some unexpected footwear choices with their medical opinion!  Change it up! 
Which means CHOICES and EXTRA Happiness!! 
Hope you are enjoying your shoes today!
Pink Doberman

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