Friday, August 27, 2010

In BeTwEEn MoMeNts… & JaSmiNe StAr

I love In Between moments.  These days I live for them.  Ever since the car accident August 6, 2004 I have been living my life in these moments.  The moments where the pain recedes enough to have either mental clarity or mental clarity and physical move-ability.  Even if I don’t have much mental clarity I still can get online and peruse and make snippets work for me. 

Other times I might still be hurting too bad to be out of bed, but I can think rather well and these days I spend some extra time blogging or learning online.  These days I am learning online. 

I’ve mentioned CreativeLIVE before.  I love creative live!  I’d scheduled myself another class to watch online.  This one is a Wedding Photography Class featuring acclaimed wedding photographer Jasmine Star.  I loved the class today.  It was long, I dozed off in the midst of it I admit.  I am still groggy from my latest flare.  But I did catch some things. 

1.  Jasmine Star is so much like who I used to be.  Only she’s much cooler than I was. 

2.  I used to do makeup for weddings.  She shoots them.

3.  She is much funnier than I am or ever was. 

4.  She loves shoes and lip gloss so do I!

5.  I am married to the most wonderful man and so is she.

6.  I love cool photographs. 

7. Jasmine Star shoots the In Between moments.  I do too. Those are my favorite pictures.

8.  Jasmine Star loves David Letterman’s Top 10 list.. me not so much.. I am stopping at the lovely number 8.


More about the In Between Moments..  Besides the fact that I now live for them.  The In Between Moments that I love the most in pictures are those captured when a person really has settled into themselves, when they are not thinking of outside influences they are just in a pure moment of feeling.  What ever that feeling may be.  I thing those make the best photos.  Jasmine Star does too, in fact that is what she shoots.  That is what I have always enjoyed shooting, and those are the pictures of myself that I love the most.  Jason is good at capturing them with me.  Sorry I haven’t shared any of them here.  I may someday. 

Years ago I took a favorite picture of my Grandpa and Grandma.  I will plan to dig them out and digitize them.  They are some of my very favorite pictures.  I caught them in their In Between Moments.  Their smiles and their eyes really resonate with me.  I can feel their souls. 

My soul lives for my In Between Moments when I have periods of less pain and more clarity and motion.  My soul will live through the photos that have been taken of me in those In Between Moments as well.  I am more acutely aware of how to achieve these moments than ever before.  They are rarer for me than they have ever been but I feel as if I am making the most of each one. 

I also really work hard to create a few simple moments to convey how I feel to those around me even if I am not feeling my best. 

I am so looking forward to watching the rest of the training on how to shoot a wedding.  I don’t plan to necessarily use it much as Jason really isn’t in to shooting them.  By myself I could never be depended upon to do it.  I am loving learning what she is sharing, as I think they are important things that can be lent to other areas as well.  What she is saying much of it is what I already know, she is just sharing it in a different fashion, and it is good to be reminded of what I used to do.  I was really good at it. 

I am proud that I did my best at it while I could.  I am now changing gears and figuring out how to do my best at something else. 

Don’t forget to check out CreativeLIVE and Jasmine Star!


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