Thursday, August 5, 2010

TiReD GirL

Another day without a whole lot to say.  Pretty tired I guess.  I’ve been sleeping allot.  I guess my body must be making up for last week when I was not sleeping much at all.  Migraines are still here.  One almost every day again, I think I’ve been sitting up to much when I am not resting.  I really need to get a different pillow I think.  My neck is in knots after I sleep, which keeps flaring up the pain in my head. 

No fun!

Other than that though the migraines are not horrible ones, just draining and annoying so that is an improvement.  I am getting around better at least right now.  Things seem to be staying in place, AND I am learning what I should and shouldn’t be doing as well.  So this is all helping!  Yea! 

I hope to go for a walk this afternoon around the yard.  Luka’s been getting plenty of exercise with his favorite friend Toby.  So life is good.  All he wants to do when he isn’t helping me or running with Toby is sleep also.  Poor guy is getting so much fun exercise that he is exhausted!  It is so good for him!  He is loving every minute of it!

Oh on another note: one of my Sugru pictures was featured in the Sugru newsletter this month!  How cool is that!  Visit their site I am sure they have a link to it somewhere.  It is one of the hacked perch and the finch!


Pink Doberman 

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