Friday, August 6, 2010


Still Sleeping a BUNCH!.. Ugg.  Aching and sleeping.  I finally remembered I needed to be taking my B vitamins.. I'd been avoiding those for a while now, and have just taken some.  Those should help my energy level.  I've been having quite a little lower neck shoulder and upper back pain.. ( The places that the Radio Frequency Ablation did not address) 

Think that is taking its toll on me too. 

I have been watching/sleeping through my classes.  My favorite one going on right now is the watercolor class.  These classes are FREE and anyone anywhere can watch them LIVE!  If you can't watch them live then you have to buy them to see them but I've been able to catch most of them live this week! 

Although it still remains to be seen if I can do these things, but I am getting a better understanding of things and there is a possibility that I can put some of the information to use.  At least it is keeping my mind focused on something that has potential and I am continuing to learn.  It does make me happier!  I really do like learning new things. 

Well that is all for now.  I am awake and will be knitting a purple scarf.  My first official project.  No pattern, just making it up as I go.  I don't know how to follow a pattern or do anything other than a basic stitch at this point, but I am happy with that.  I've already had to pull a bunch of stitches and restart.  =D  Oh and I got some bamboo knitting needles!  Can't wait to share those as well.  I like them they are not heavy and they are bamboo!  Which is super cool!!

Pink Doberman

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