Thursday, August 19, 2010

pAiN VS. sAfEtY

So in a couple of appointments I’ve had with my pain therapist.. this has been our topic.

Ok, so these are rough sketches of these so don’t hold yourself to just these standards… but this is my interpretation of what Dr. G shared with me. 

Pain does not necessarily mean increased injury.

Chronic Pain most often does not = increased injury ( longer lasting, 6 months or longer, same type/places )

Acute pain does most often mean increased injury. ( short term, related to something new )

So if your chronic pain is not causing further injury then you can walk move and be active, just do it anyway.  Even though it is hard.  It just requires a decision.

Acute pain means more to the rest don’t move and stay still to heal.. Broken things, etc.

I fall somewhere in between both. 

I regularly have chronic pain, but I do not regularly have acute pain.  Although for me moving means that I can easily be in acute pain (dislocation etc.)

For me I just need to balance, rest when appropriate, and move when appropriate.  Not to push myself much, but to move slowly but steadily and increase what I can do.  Mine is not cut and dried.. I can injure my neck by just turning my head.. pop something out and be in worse trouble..  The other morning I woke to pain in my hip horrible pain.. I wondered what I had done?  I wondered if my hip was still out of joint?  I don’t think it was, but it did click about a bit.  In the night I must have twisted horribly and knocked it out.  Which stinks.  But after a day of resting I was doing better.  So weird.

I’ve done this multiple times before.  I have a strange body.  My body does extremely well certain times.. I don’t know why, and absolutely horrible others.  I don’t know the reason for this either. 

I wish I did, I’d know better when to rest and when to move.  My body has a nasty way of shutting me down.  Landing me in the bathroom, whether on the toilet YUCK, or with extreme chills where my body starts to freeze and I need a hot tub.  Or other various things like shaking, extreme nausea, dizzy etc.  I know when these things happen I have gone to far.  My body is pissed and I need to rest or I will land in the hospital for God only knows what. 

I am not good at balance.  I wish I were, I am good at pushing.  Pushing Pushing Pushing, not only myself but others.  I am trying not to push.  I am seeking balance. 

So I am out and about as much as possible these days.  I rest while at home in between doing things.  Up a bit, rest a bit, up a bit, rest a bit… Getting simple things done.  Then going out and doing as much as I can.  Which mostly means getting my sorry a.. butt to a location and me sitting in a chair for the duration of whatever is going on. 

Nothing wrong with that, it is more exciting than sitting here.  And I do love being out with others.  Thanks to some amazing friends I have gotten out!  Thanks to Super Hubby Jason we went to an out door concert. 

People don’t understand how I can look normal and be broken.  Their minds do not think outside of the box.  So small their thinking.  Too bad for them.  I wonder what else they go through life not understanding because they don’t consider options? 

I hope this blog opens some eyes.


Pink Doberman

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