Monday, August 16, 2010

A MeMoRy.

I am in love with a memory of me.  It is what I choose to see. 

Things sometimes seem now so empty.  Comparatively.

How do you reconcile where you used to be.

A place where I was so incredibly happy.

A place I felt as if I had wings.


Some days I feel glimpses of my memory in me. 

Other days it is foreign to me. 

They say time will heal all things… How much time?  You see?

Over Six Years now it will be…

My mind I feel is playing tricks on me.

Pretending these days can be never ending.


Can you see through me? 

Do you see what I see?

A girl who has lost her sanity.

It is a wicked thing that 90 year old man caused me.

I feel often so angry.

Because of my genes I may have had some of these issues inevitably..

I would have rather have gotten them gradually.

Naturally.  Instead of in a crash.


Pink Doberman

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