Thursday, August 26, 2010


Or not so funny..  really.  So Jason gets to go on Vaca.. to Yellowstone, to forget about his worries, do some photography, hang out with his friend and do guy stuff really just have an all around amazing time!   Oh boy did he!  He came back a new man! 

That is until he saw me.  I’d also been having my own muted version of a Vaca… hanging out not doing much.. (Oh, I forgot, I guess that is what I always do.)  Well, anyway, I had been taking the advise of my pain phsych and doing things anyway as what I am doing is really not causing any more harm. 

Let’s just call his advise for my EDS self not good information.  I really hadn’t been doing much more than sitting up in regular chairs, and walking a bit more regularly, nothing strenuous or stressful.  My neck flared up in regular fashion.  I was really hoping this wasn’t going to happen.  I was doing so wonderfully by the time Jason got back that I couldn’t focus on his face or really even clearly view his pictures.  ( didn’t tell him that, but he could tell I wasn’t right) 

The day he got home I had already been medicating and sitting the whole day leaning back in fluffy chairs with my head and neck supported.  But it wasn’t enough, we woke the next day to me being in unbelievable unbearable pain.  We were hoping to leave for home this day.  Jason had to work the following day, by afternoon it was clear that I wasn’t fit to travel, so we made a plan to interrupt the New Doctor in town’s day and make a quick trip to the ER. 

While this didn’t help as much as hoped for I was able to at least see after the visit.  The pain was still prevalent, but if we were to make a break for home it was now or never…  At least in time for him to make his shift the following day.  Besides if I were to get worse again I wanted to be near Omaha to my regular ER.  No offence to the one I was at they are just more familiar with me and what it takes for me to get some relief. 

What a trip.  What a dose of reality.. 

It is now days later… I am starting to feel like a human again.  Oh lordy lordy… I was running a fever and the works this time.  Uggg…   Don’t know what this pain phsych is going to have to say about this…  I wonder if this is why my regular doctors didn’t suggest him to me.  It was a doctor who only saw me once who didn’t know anything about EDS and said I just had fibro..  Oh joy.  Well I will finish it out and see where it leads.  I’d really like to be able to come up with some sort of solution.  I hope this Dr. phsych is a creative thinker! 

I sure wish Jason’s vacation could have ended on a positive note.  My body really pisses me off. 


Pink Doberman

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