Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Not to bad.  I've been doing pretty well considering.  Luka did a great job of alerting to another migraine.  I am grateful for that.  It was nice too because other people got to see him do it.  Usually the only ones around are therapists or Jason.  It isn't that they don't count but everyone always asks how does he tell you.

He stares and wiggles at me.  It is similar to his need to go outside, so I usually have to ask him the difference just to be sure.  But there are subtle differences to tell the two signs apart as well.  Problem was I was already not feeling well so I wasn't good at noticing those.  But he was persistent thank goodness. 

I don't really remember what else we had done, but I was busy with something prior to that.  We were at a friends house she was helping me learn some things on the computer and we were just catching up as well.  I still haven't used what she tried to teach me, it is kind of a blur..  =)

Jason drove as usual, thank goodness.  He was so tired when we got home. 

It was fun to have had my father visit as well.  He left here to visit his brother and will soon be drilling beans I am just sure... well when it ever stops raining..

That's it for now.  Luka has been so great!  I am so lucky to have him!  While my migraines are getting caught sooner and happening in general less frequently the neck pain is still in rare form.  Wish that would dissipate as well!  Have I mentioned I love my new shoe inserts!!!  My hips are doing so much better!!! 

Oh, we ate pizza this afternoon at Sam and Louie's Pizza... THEY MAKE A GLUTEN FREE PIZZA!!  Yippee!!  And it was good!  We will be having that again I am just sure!  All of the other patrons there were super nice as well.  Especially the family who envied how well behaved Luka was compared to their three month old lab puppy...  Luka is well behaved.. I can't imagine raising a puppy... Oh my!  I love my shoes to much for that.  Even though I just look at them now.  =)

Pink Doberman

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