Sunday, May 2, 2010

CiNnAmOn ToAsT

My day finished out pretty well.  By no means did I get my list finished or even 1/2 finished.  But I did get more accomplished.  I feel pretty good about that. 

Luka has food, that is the main thing.  So life is good.  Today is another day.  Jason is busy busy busy!  He's already accomplished quite allot.  Right now he is out mowing our neighbors yard.  We love our neighbors.  We have lots of stay at home neighbors and the other ones work different types of hours so there is almost always someone outside especially in the summer!  I love that! 

I am hoping to do some more things yet today, but I'd say I've already accomplished allot.  I took my bath/shower and shaved my legs.  Major accomplishment because I think I had a forest to cut.  I now have cut up legs... =(.  Jason remembered to get me a new razor today and it is really really sharp.  I now have bandages all over my legs...  But I am nice and clean and shaved. 

Which I guess is why I am choosing to type right now.  I am needing a rest from all of this.  My neck started to flare up as usual, so I will just sit back and relax until it calms down. 

I have also been learning how to train a dog to trigger on certain smells and behaviors.  Luka already came trained.  Which is great.  But I've not been the best at reinforcing it.  I am doing better that I did when I first got him, but with no training myself on how Service Dogs are motivated and the words that were used with him.  He was trained but I was not.  So I've been doing lots of education for myself.  I am finally feeling more confident. 

Although the next dog I get I will hopefully go through training with the program that I get my dog from.  That would be the ideal thing I think.  At least I was already educated about how to have a nice obedient dog.  I had mastered that with the two the Jason and I had raised.  Now that they are both gone, well it is sad for sure.

Luka sure has been good at filling the space in our hearts.  Thank goodness for that. 

I think I am going to make eggs for lunch today.  I am hungry and making eggs will hit the spot.  Besides I doubt my husband is dying for me to cook spaghetti anytime soon.  I really destroyed that meal.  A couple of eggs and some toast should be fast and easy.  I think I am going to make the toast cinnamon toast, which will probably ruin the combination but I am dying to try a certain new recipe for it.  You can find it here.   I of course it seems was taught the WRONG way to make cinnamon toast.  I love cinnamon toast and am sure that I will love this new way as well.  Possibly even more than I currently do.  The only down side is that there is gluten in my toast today. 

I have yet to have the energy to make any gluten free breads.  Since I am dying for some I decided to just break down and do it right!  I will plan to make some soon.  I just want the house clean so I can bake with a clear mind.  I also want the garden planted.  I think that the evolution of my gluten free life is doomed.  I am searching for already made options as well.  Everything requires more energy and neck effort than I have these days it seems. 

Oh the joys!  Well, I am also hoping to switch a load of laundry around.  Jason may have already done this.  Probably has.  ..  well I am working on my list.  One thing at a time.  First I need nourishment.  Gotta start those eggs!  We get ours from the farmer down the road.  If you are local to me let me know and I will let you in on my source! 

Pink Doberman

SIDE NOTE:  I did end up making the recipe for the cinnamon toast.  I liked it so did Jason.  Here is what I think I was lacking.  Good quality cinnamon.  I dumped lots and lots of cinnamon in my bowl  more than was called for.  Still had a very slight cinnamon flavor.  I won't share the brand of cinnamon I had with you but it was a least expensive kind.  Also she mentioned Mexican Vanilla.  I don't have that.  That vanilla is much richer, so I just added more.  It had a slight vanilla taste but I can't help but think that better vanilla would have yielded more flavor.  So all in all it went well.  But with my cheep ingredients, I think I prefer to do it the way my mother taught me in the toaster. 

I will eventually get better ingredients and plan to try it again. 

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