Monday, May 17, 2010

My BoDy is the same as the WeAtHeR...

It has been a good day for me.  I say this as I am EXHAUSTED... but not really sleepy.. UGGGG...

I however will not be writing much.  I am going to get this out of my head and then I am going to tuck in my head in to my bed.

Busy day...
Dad's been here!  Which is wonderful.
Woke up EARLY  on my own, my body just woke me up.. Wierd... so early!  Before Dad even got up...
Ran errands with dad.  Including taking a "sample" you can only imagine... of Luka's to the vet to get checked out.. (they called.. just a bacteria, a harmless sort)  PHEW...  I think I am going over the edge...

Ok and then on to my fathers list... while I happily and tiredly waited in the car.
Lunch at TACO BELL...  his first time there.  I think he liked it.  I am introducing my father to all sorts of crazy new things... I wonder if he is wondering how he made it so far in life with out my direction..??

Then on to a grocery, I picked a few things out.  I don't have a membership for this place.  We used to but I really can't justify the yearly fee... I think it is to much and I am rebelling... Besides everyone else has a membership and I don't get to shop much anyway so it all works out. =)  Got some Parmesan Cheese... A huge wedge of it.  I think I have eaten 1/2 of it already.

We left there I slept the entire way home in the car.. but what's new on this front... Nothing.. I think Jason has the most pictures of me asleep in the car with my mouth wide open in some contorted position because I can't seem to hold myself upright..   Lord help me if those ever see the light of the internet.  I think they might just shut the whole thing down...

I needless to say after not sleeping much the night before and my activity around the grocery store, I slept all afternoon.  Luka was excited to be escorting me around, now that he has stopped making messes due to his upset tummy.  Still have yet to hear about the allergy test but we are getting there..

Slept and relaxed when we got back and Dad left to go do some more perusing... He got back around supper time and after my four or so hour rest.  I made supper with the goodies we had gotten at the store!

That was nice.  I had some fun things to make something with.  This winter we've been severely lacking in motivational foods to cook with..  Fresh spinach, fresh strawberries, cheese, etc..  Well it all worked out.  I will have to make it for Jason when he gets home.

The night went well also.  After I ate, I even did the dishes...  Thanks to Jason for having cleaned the kitchen!!   I felt good enough for a walk as well.  I guess it is a good thing we went for the walk..  Dad and I watched a bunch of kids climb the fence into the public swimming pool...  No real water in the thing, but still some day there might be...   Let's just say knowing the police in town personally can be a good thing.  The matter was resolved without chatter on my part.  I just let my fingers do the talking.

So convenient, and Luka got to go for a run!  Dad and I got a walk.. I am not sure that Dad thought it was much of a walk but I sure did.  I was a tired girl upon our return.  But I did it, no one had to carry me home or anything!!!  We went 4 whole blocks with a little extra mixed in!  Pretty good I'd say after my busy day.

I was thankful to do some nice things with my Dad.

I must tell you I love my new shoe inserts.  I hurt so much less!  Still hurt but less hurt is a welcome thing!

I am looking forward to tomorrow.  I will however plan to sleep much longer...  Well that is my plan anyway.  Let's see what my body decides to do.

My body is like the weather in Nebraska.  You only know the second it becomes a reality what it is going to behave like.  I am always as surprised as ever!!

Luka did just great!  It was a fun day.  Made it even better I had a nice day with Dad.  My migraines have become so much less significant!  I am thrilled!  Keep praying it continues! 

Pink Doberman

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