Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Often we are told that we are different because we have an injury or illness.  What about the idea that we are just a different type of person with different gifts to give.  What if we are meant for this in some greater plan.

I don't know what the plan for me is.  I used to think I knew.  But I've been derailed.  Essentially I accomplished what I set out to do as well.  I planted seeds that are still growing and flourishing.  I gave opportunities to those who would have never known of them before.  While I am not reaping the financial benefits of these seeds I am reaping the satisfaction of knowing that what I did impacted so many lives and will continue to impact so many other lives in the future because of what I did before my car accident.

I am so grateful that these women are better for having had me in their lives.

I just watched this movie on PBS.  The Horse Boy Movie.  It struck a deep cord with in me.  I have mentioned before how I am a true admirer of Temple Grandin.  She is a remarkable person with remarkable gifts.  She has contributed to our planet in many ways that can not even be counted.  She is an inspiration as well as this boy is to those who know him.  This boy's parents and those around him in this movie were inspirations.  In addition I truly believe that this boy is destined to change allot of lives for the better.  He's already changed many.

Who's lives are you impacting?  Are you giving them the impact that you want them to have?  How do you need to adjust to offer what you want them to have?

I have many directions being presented to me right now.  I don't know which will be the best suited for me.  I have ideas.  My ideas don't stop they have not stopped.  I have become very depressed because I have not been able to get my ideas out in to the world.  I feel as if they are shut inside me screaming to get out.

I identify with The Horse Boy.  How do I find a way to accomplish my dream of inspiring others to create greatness in their own lives?  What am I able to do?  Time will tell I guess.

I am not giving up.

Pink Doberman

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