Thursday, May 20, 2010


Some days don't you wonder where all of the time goes?  I am old.   What happened to my thirties?  I was really looking forward to that era.  It seemed that the thirties are where all that you worked so hard for in your twenties would come to bear fruit.  Or at least show it's bud. 

It is spring I've been watching the budding trees and the flowering the rain has come the flowers have fallen, the iris have risen and are starting to wilt.  The leaves n the trees are filling out and soon things will be changing again.  I must say the nicer weather is a welcome relief. 

I had so many plans for our future. 

I need to figure out a plan for my future now.  I don't even understand what that means any more.  I wish I knew what my future held.  I have a feeling that if I were smart I would just shut my eyes now.

That's all she wrote...

Pink Doberman

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