Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My MiNt!

I am excited.  I am finally getting things set up again for therapy!  Everything seems to take so long.  I have hope and I have a continued desire to keep going. 

Things are finally rolling again.  My water therapy that my doctor wanted me to do is up and going.  My first time will be tomorrow.  I am excited.  Finally no fear of falling off the dumb treadmill!  There is one under all that water.  Yippee! 

I can't wait!  I've also got another therapy starting.  I have yet to find out what other type of pain and torcher they will be putting me through.  It is as of yet a mystery!  But I am game.  Got to give it a go!  I certainly don't like staring out the windows much.  Hopefully I will get back to going out on my own tomorrow.

I had lots of questions for my doctors this week.  Got lots of answers some good and some I really did not want to know.  I've got my appointments lined up for the next several weeks so that is wonderful.  Jason has asked that I not schedule to far in advance in case he wants to do something.  I am trying to honor that. 

Until I can get back to where I can be behind the wheel a bit more, he will be driving me.  Right now I just don't have the energy for it.  I guess that is what this winter did to me.  With a little time and effort I am sure I will be back to moving a bit more easily, and driving myself to my appointments. 

Now if only Luka would stop throwing up!  UGGGG!  I hope what I am trying for him will work. 

Meanwhile things here have seriously gone to the birds.  I did manage to get a load of dishes done today..  That is good news!  Until now my neck had been bugging me.  Yesterday was quite busy!  That was nice.  We ate at Jason's favorite place went to the Dr's and made a long over due delivery, as well as helped out a friend who's been helping us out. 

Nice!  Nice to do these things.  Nice of Jason to make sure I could do them all!  Great husbands are treasures, and mine is worth a mint!

Pink Doberman

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