Wednesday, May 19, 2010

pAiN pAiN gO aWaY.... NeVeR CoMe BaCk... yOuR nOt iNviTeD!

So today I am still feeling my neck pain.. It flared up yesterday, while the migraine never got past the start, the neck pain is continuing to increase.  I've been leaning back in bed or laying down most of the day.  But I did want to get some things done.  So I have not been here the whole day.

Kind of in a fog as well.  So my mental activity has been limited for most of the day.  I am doing better now, evenings are better usually. 

I can't wait to get to the doctor so I can get some more radio frequency facet blocks.. or what ever they call them.  I think I will be able to be more active after that.  I've got it scheduled for this month, the date has just not arrived yet.  It has been frustrating, the openings that the doctor had did not work well with Jason's schedule this time.  Usually we have an easier time of getting in when he is around.  I think the doctor must be going on vacation or something. 

Getting my exercises  done has been a challenge I must say.  Jason and I seem to be communicating on two different wave lengths.  Literally.  What I intend for him to understand as one thing.. he is understanding as something completely different and vice versa. 

We are just really having to work at things.  The exercise issue is just one of the miss communication area.  It is not a new issue for us.  But when we both get tired sometimes we do not realize that it is happening.  That can be stressful. 

It is not funny but it is understandable.  We just have to keep working harder at the subtle differences in word meanings.  He uses words with some of the definitions and I use the same words and intend other definitions.  Oh lordy lordy help us!  It is something.  Probably highly amusing if someone were to be watching our conversations... 

Gosh, I really think we might speak different languages. 

The one other thing that frustrated me about today.  I went to get up I did it rather quickly and well I am suffering for it now as well.  I need to remember to just slow down.  I have really been working to do this.  It isn't that I can't move quickly at least a little... but when I do it can end up causing me more pain.  That is once again the case.  Oh why oh why oh why....  Sometimes I just want to scream.. but that would probably hurt also. 

I love Ice I love Ice... I've got the electric blanket along with my old sweats and I am also using ICE.. go figure.  ( I also have the heat on in the house in MAY!!!  Good grief!  Hopefully I can function tomorrow, if I don't send my body into shock with this ICE... but I hurt and the only thing that will help besides more pain pills and lying here is ICE...

Lord willing tomorrow I will wake up without being worse yet.  My hope is that I will be feeling wonderful and if my head were as light as a feather.  Pray for this! 

I also have ordered Luka his new Muttluks!  He has very successfully worn out the ones we got him not to long ago.   I am getting two sets in.  One just like he has now and another pair that is also water proof.  They will be shipping from Canada later this week.  He's going to be so proud of his new boots!!

I managed to get some dishes done, some paper sorted, I got the mail watered the plants and I did the only exercise that I can do on my own.  I am sore afterwords too, but those muscles are a good sore. 

Tomorrow is more water therapy more spine therapy and lots of other lovely things.  (NOT)  But that is the way things go these days.  I am just praying that by the time we are done with it all that he will have time to attack the forest that our and our neighbors lawns have become with all of this rain!  Oh my! 

I've been learning allot these days as well.  I will share more later.  I never thought I'd be learning about all of this but I am and I am going to at least become proficient at it.  Eventually.  I think it takes me longer to learn things than the average person.  Well most regular things that is... crafty things well I can seem to get that in a snap.  I do much better work with my hands most times than my brain.  Especially now.  Typing is a blessing!  Especially since I failed it in High School. 

Well, Luka is all tucked in.  I need to be also.

My fingers are finished with the talking for now.

Blessings and Hugs!

Pink Doberman

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