Thursday, May 6, 2010

ThErApY... boy OH boy!

Exciting day of sorts.

Things are working out very well, beside the fact I really don't even want to be moving even my fingers at this point.  I am one very worked over girl.

I got molds made for orthopedic inserts today.  The little things that slip in your shoes.  Evidently since it is so hard for me to walk and I have not been moving much for six years due to all sorts of pain everywhere...  My arches had crashed.  So I guess that is one of the things that has been causing some of the instability issues. 

Well time will tell.  I've been re evaluated.  Re measured at a new place my doctors have sent me to.  Ugg!  But it is a good thing too.  There is hope, I hope.  At least maybe I can stop feeling like I am going to fall over and stop actually falling over!  That would help quite allot.  Jason is on board as my Physical Therapy Supervisor.  The new things are TRICKY!  Girl really has to concentrate on the moves! 

I also went to H2O Therapy today as well.  I've been so scared to walk even on treadmills.  Lots of anxiety for me on those crazy things.  I would rather walk on one of them than on the uneven streets and sidewalks but still they move on their own and I feel a great deal of stress trying to stay on them.  I know it is dumb to feel this way, but when your leg buckles at strange moments you really don't want to get thrown to the floor. 

My water therapy has an underwater treadmill!  How cool is that?  But boy oh boy am I feeling it.  I've been resting ever since and will probably continue.

I will keep you posted on how things are going.  I need to figure a few things out, my neck is pretty sore, but the rest of me just has that good I have used my body pain. 

I feel successful today.  Thanks Jason!
Sorry no pictures yet.  Jason has been taking them I am just super slow with these things lately.  More to come I promise.

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