Saturday, May 1, 2010

ToDaY's LiSt!

We hope to go camping sometime, I need to figure this out as well.  (I've promised to go camping for years now to Jason with unfortunate disappointment it has not been able to happen yet.)
I need to clean about everything in this house.  I don't know of anything that does not have a layer of dust on it.  So I won't even bother to list all of these things out.
I need to do some clothing repairs.

Some of these things have the potential to set me back a few days.  Things like laundry, Things like sweeping or picking up things.  (I have to carefully assess if I should do them.)  I weigh the thoughts of doing them.. and the costs associated.. along with Jason's desire to do them.. or if I am the only one who can do them.

Sometimes I just have to attack everything with a vengeance and suffer the consequences.  But I can't do that today.  There is something important happening in the near future.  I need to do all I can to stay able to move and be as free from medication as possible.

Taking a moment today to write.  I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed.  These days come and go.  I have lists and lists of things I need to get done.  I am feeling reasonably well today.  Of which I am incredibly grateful!  I now am faced with my lists and lists of things. 

Determining what I should spend my time doing is difficult. 

I did get our bills paid already.  That comes first on every list. 
I have a list of people I need to get called.
I have seeds that need to be planted in order for me to have something to plant in the garden.
I need to order other types of seeds so I can get them started as well be fore it is too late.
I need to make Luka's food and feed him.
I also need to order some plants to transplant.  ( it is already to late to start the seeds)
Laundry needs done as well.  We've begun to run out of items to wear.
The dishwasher needs to be ran.  ( I've slowly been filling it.)
The kitchen needs to be cleaned. 
I need to call another appointment to schedule.
I need to check on current orders.
I need to check bank accounts.
I need to get software installed on my new gratefully given to me computer.
I also need to work on some pictures that Jason and I have taken so I can share them with you.  And we have other things needing to be done as well.

What I have done today already?  I have let Luka out.  I have done some laundry.  I have gotten dressed.  I have brought the computer software by the computer.  I have organized the never ending supply of paper that enters this house.  Little elves carry it in and dump it all over the place in an effort to make everyone MAD!   I have watered the plants I have already started from seed!  (They are growing.  Some better than others.. but none the less they are growing.)  I am also doing a cleanse day today.  I just really don't want to cook anything today.  I am going to have to, as Luka needs a bunch of food cooked up for him... so I need to get that added to my list.  I did start thawing it yesterday.  Which is fabulous to already have it ready to go.  ( I can be so smart sometimes.. =)! )

Well it isn't much that I have gotten done.  But considering I need to rest between each of these things, I think it has gone well. 

Well I am off! 

Blessings to you and yours. 

Pink Doberman

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