Thursday, May 27, 2010


Have you ever come to the end of your rope?  Have you ever thought I've been saying the same freeking thing for SIX years and NO ONE with a Medical Type Education really gets it?

Well finally they are listening!  FINALLY!

Finally someone is figuring out what to do with my broken body.  The darkest days I hope are fading quickly into the past.

I have found yet another Physical Therapist!  This guy has been seriously helping me.  The new shoe inserts are his handy work and the exercises are kicking my but, in a good way!  I have to get to another set of them before I knock off for the evening.

Things have been going better!  I hurt I still do, but things are changing.  I asked him why I couldn't have found him earlier... He said even if I had, the technology and the learning curves have just been perfected on the style of Physical Therapy he does.  I had seen other therapists with the same teaching, but it was years earlier.  My new PT is one of SIX people completely trained in this in the COUNTRY!  Athletes from all over the country come in to work with him.  The training program is just going online.  It is a three year training program for PTists after their initial degree.

I am still frustrated!  He is moving at the beginning of next month!  To IDAHO!  Can you believe it??  OMG! At least I am on the right track.  My other PTist is coordinating the water therapy to go along with what he is doing.  She is trained in some of the techniques.  But she has only just begun her three years of study with the program, and he is teaching it and has been using it for longer.

Fingers crossed.  He swears that the others that work with him have been going through the same training program and are good as well.  So I am going to trust that they are and give it a go.

But at least I know there is hope now.  I don't know how much I should hope for but I am at least quite positive that there is something out there that is helping.  If I can find someone to teach it to me that understands my weird condition.

I have been pretty busy.  The nice weather has sure helped.  I have done quite allot as of late in comparison to this winter.  Still not lots but more.  One day this week I sure did allot.  I helped Jason take pictures at our friends wedding!  That was super great!  I did so much better than I thought I might.  I did have to take medication, but it went well!  We got to see so many friends that we haven't seen in a while and others that we've been seeing quite allot of lately as well!

Things are getting better.  Still frustrated, but having hope helps!  I am also hooking up with a mentor and going to get learning about some more ideas I am having as well.

My mood is improving!  My stress level is still high but I have had some fun times this weekend.  The prayers are helping I am sure.  The pain has been more tolerable this week.  I am being so careful.  The Jeep with it's 1/2 new shocks is giving my neck a jolt when ever we go anywhere though. 

We could take my fathers car but the air conditioning is not working.... UGG..  =)  I have to keep my sense of humor! 

Jason has tilled the garden!  That is super!  I hope to get the plants planted tomorrow!  I may get this garden thing done yet!  I hope Jason is up to helping me plant! 

Well off to do my therapy routine!  YiPPPEEE!

Pink Doberman

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