Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well after my three hours of fun last night.  I managed to sleep for over 12 hours.  Unfortunately it was not straight through.  I may have slept less if that would have been the case.  I was sleeping better than I had in days last night. 

However this was not the case for Luka.  He did not end up attending the event with us.  It worked out well that he did not.  But that also meant that Jason did a lot of running to get things and I did a tremendous amount of sitting.  It worked out well though! 

I think I am going to try to get a visit in to the reception venue so that I can go have a look around.  I think it would be super fun to take some pictures there.  It sure was a neat place. 

Luka has been having some tummy issues again.  He stayed home from last night.  I can't seem to get the food thing right.  I am going to take him  in for more tests this week.  Hopefully I can get him in to the Dr tomorrow.  But I've got appointments that are going to run all day myself at the Dr.  UGGG.  Don't know how to do it all.  Wish I did. 

Obviously with the problems that he is having he won't be going to the Dr's with me tomorrow.  I just hope we can find something out soon.  I think 1/2 of the problem is the availability of certain foods.  Right now I can't get pumpkin.  I've got squash, but I can't get it cut so I can cook it.  It is too tough or my knives are to dull.  Probably both.  Jason usually cuts it, but he's been pretty busy and his list to do is long.  I forgot to remind him as well.  Yeeks.

I have started some seeds of squash.  I hope they turn out good.  I hope they are better than my crop of none last year.  I am going to plant a crop of three sisters.  But I am altering the plan a bit.  Instead of growing corn I am going to plant sunflowers.  And then the beans and squash!  I think it will work out splendidly.

At least that is my plan.  I better get some sunflower seeds!  Yikes!

My crop of sunflowers did not fair well last year either.  I got one to grow... but it never finished out making the little seeds inside the shells.  They were empty.  Such a disappointment after drying it.  I guess that is what you can expect from my cheep seeds.  My flowers and my sunflowers didn't grow.  I am not buying my seeds from Walmart again this year.  I have learned my expensive lesson.  I was so disappointed on so many levels.

I worked so hard to get them each to grow.  All summer long.  All I could think was if I just stick with it something will start growing and I will have some food to put on our table for the effort.  Saving us money and having given me something productive to have done with my time.  Dumb seeds.

Here's to having a good crop of vegetables!  Now I better get some planted!

Pink Doberman

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