Sunday, May 16, 2010

iNsPiReD fEeT


Who inspires you? 

I have a very long list of people who inspire me.  I'd say first on my list is my husband Jason.

I think the people who have always inspired me the most are people I have known and learned from personally.  I have been motivated and entertained by others farther removed from my personal circles.  I have learned much from these people as well.

I find that I really need to focus on listen not to what they say but watch what they do to see who they are and learn whether or not to believe if they are genuine or correct. 

I am writing this not because of any recent bad things, but because it is the truth for anyone who may not have learned this lesson.  For me it took me quite along time.  In fact I still have to work at that. 

On another note, Luka is doing well.  I think there still may be something that he needs added to his diet to help in is digestion on a regular basis.  But for now the throwing up has seemed to subside.  Thankfully.  I am still waiting to hear about the results of his allergy test.  But things are surely improving. 

Jason and I were out after therapy the other day and we went to a store and bought some plants.  Gosh those suckers are expensive!  Hopefully I can keep them alive so they will produce some food to make them worth the purchase.  It has been so rainy wet and dreary that I can't get them in the garden either..

I am however going to try to do that soon.  I may be a mess afterward but they have got to get planted.  But who knows with my new shoes and excersizes well...  But for the record I won't be wearing my new orthodic shoes in the garden.  I only have one pair and the white is already turning grey.  I am planning to wear them at weddings and all... I will be one of those people that get stared at for wearing distasteful shoes. 

That is of course unless I can get some new shoes before we go to them.  But hopefully this will be helping me to keep all of my bendy parts in place!  FINGERS CROSSED!  Even though I will look like a huge fashion mistake. 

If you know me you are also understanding how this is destroying my sense of self..  I of course am the shoes I wear.  My havanias are starring at me from my closet.  I just got a bunch of them to wear this summer.  I was planning to be so styilish this summer.  But pain free and healthy me outweigh having cool feet. 

I am hoping I can make it through.  I want you to know that with every fiber of my being I want to stick my toes out in the sunshine.  Since I have not been able to wear my awesome platform heals either, I thought these would be a great substitute. 

But NO.  My therapist has other ideas.  SNEAKERS...  I will be wearing SNEAKERS....  Uggg.

I may have to get some more sweat pants to go with my sneakers.  So if you see me in my sneakers with in appropriate attire.. Well tell me how great they look.  I am thinking of adding sparkles and bejeweling them.  At least they will have personality then! 

I am not my feet.  I am not the shoes I wear.  I am going to keep telling myself this until I believe it. 

I am not my feet. I am not the shoes I wear.
I am not my feet. I am not the shoes I wear..  I am really going to have to work at this.

Stay tuned.  I may have to have a nervous breakdown over this ordeal. 

And to top it off, the therapist who is helping me make all of these wonderful improvements, is moving!  YES MOVING!  ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME????  

I FINALLY FIND THIS GUY, and the RECEPTIONIST tells me that he is MOVING!  UGGG...   So frustrated. 

Pray for me.   And Pray for my Sneaker covered in-soled feet.  ( they do feel marvelous by the way ) 

Pink Doberman

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