Friday, May 14, 2010


I am reminded continuously that if you are a person who is healthy that that equals a wealth of different choices and oportunities. 

So I am continuously working hard to be healthy.  I am trying to do what I can to keep fit.  I am working hard to study what will keep me on the right track.  I am eating as good as possible as well.  I guess this is where my post today is headed. 

I am excited to share I have been eating better than ever for the past 22 months.  I have been drinking vitamin shakes and increasing the intake of vitamins and minerals, I had stopped drinking soda YEARS ago.  I had stopped drinking milk and eating ice cream YEARS ago as well. 

I think these are all good things I had been doing.  I am now almost completely Gluten Free.  The shake and bars and things I have been eating are all Gluten Free as well. 

Ware also eating eggs and chicken from a local farmer who grows them with out all of the bad things.  We are trying to keep growing my own vegetables and eating things that are pesticide free from my own garden.  Shopping, well things are improving there as  well.  I am learning allot.  Do my shopping on the outside of the store!  That was the beginning of my change.  The other change I will be making is a shift to getting a few more things the "Organic" way. 

Here are some links for you to check out if you are interested. 

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Well, things are moving along here in other area's as well! 

I've gotten my new shoe inserts!  I got them yesterday!  Oh my do my feet feel wonderful!  I am having an easier time walking about, I am still not "great" but I am feeling more confident.  Between my new Therapy Regime and my new feet I am hopeful I can at least start holding my own instead of continuing to slide backwards.  Don't get me wrong I will also be working toward getting things back to the way I was.  That is always a focus as well. 

I need to have something to celebrate and SIX years of not making it there tends to wear on the psyche! 

But I am thrilled to be doing better and I am LOVING my new inserts for my feet!  Just loving them!  So hopefully... 

We've got lots going on here soon.  With my therapy appointments and Jason doing the extra things he does to keep up with things well.  We are doing well, but things keep me fairly distracted and overwhelmed.  I am not doing well at anything, not completing anything it seems but I am doing what I can and that is for sure!  So Fingers CROSSED... the little I do with each thing will be enough.. 

Here is an example.  I did the dishes.. well I finished loading the dishwasher and RAN IT!  I also cleaned off the kitchen table for the most part... A few stacks of things are left.  But a whole section of it has been cleared off.  I also walked out and looked at where the garden will be going.  I am hopeful for that as well. 

The weather today was slightly warmish as well.  It was nice just to have the sun shining through the windows today!  That is a welcome sign that change is on the way. 

There is lots more I am sure that I could say, but I am done for now.  I am at least back to posting more.  I am happy about that. 

I hope you are making some healthy choices in your life.  I think changing everything all at once is difficult.  But if you are constantly evolving your decisions and your actions you will eventually be extremely proud of all that you have accomplished!  That is how my life has always worked for me.  Even before the accident.  I would master one change at at time.  And that is what I am doing now. 

If you take care of your HEALTH you will have a WEALTH of choices and opportunities!

I think you can do it too! 


Pink Doberman

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