Saturday, June 5, 2010


So today was just what I needed.  I got some perspective.  I miss that.  I think I've been gathering that when we go off to see my friends while Jason works at the hospital.  We've not made the trip for the last three months or so, and I am getting a little wonky, as you can probably tell from my posts. 

Tonight, I had a little taste of getting away from it all, while sitting out on a different deck overlooking  a huge area of land with friends.  It was so peaceful, so wonderful.  So great to sit there with interesting wonderful people and just enjoy the placid day. 

I sure needed that.  I think Jason did too.  He and I both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  We got some great ideas found some possible solutions, hung out in a vegetative state and ate and ate and ate!!  Oh my!  I loved it.

We were a small group of people but we seemed to be just an ideal group to have gathered as well.  I have come up with another way for us to have some fun and take some more pictures!  For this we are very excited.   More details to follow... that is of course if we actually follow through with the idea. 

I hope we do I think it would be a huge benefit for some abandon animals.   That is all I will share right now. 

I am excited!  Who knows what will happen. 

I just know I really needed this.  I hope to go to sleep tonight with out nightmares! 

I am thinking happy thoughts from my great day out! 

...... we still have not planted the garden, but each day brings us closer to getting it done! 

Here is a post I just read as well.  It talks about dealing with anger... You could say I have allot of it these days and I am thrilled that this post was written!  In Sickness And Health: A Place For Couples Dealing with Illness

I hope you take a minute to check the post out!!

Blessings to you and yours!!
Pink Doberman

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