Sunday, June 20, 2010


Happy Father's Day!  A Father important people in a a person's life.  Thanks to all of the great fathers out there making this world a better place!

So I was searching a bit online.  I try to share my story, as well as perspectives from others as I can.  I have discovered You Tube...  My husband loves You Tube, he finds hours of hilarity online.  He loves the funniest things and likes to watch them a few times laughing his heart out each time.  I wish I had his personality.  I am a bit to stuffy and have a very dry sense of wit. 

Anyway, this is an educational video not a funny one.  Sorry, I will try to find something I think is funny to share as well.

Gordon is a person who deals with pain, and he does a good job of explaining how having chronic pain works...

I hope this works.  I am hoping to add the actual video to my site so you can see it with out opening another link.

Fingers Crossed.

Pink Doberman

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