Saturday, June 26, 2010

RaDiO FrEqUeNCy AbLaTiOn PrOcEdUre DaY

Hopefully this won't make you queezy.

So the Radio Frequency Lesioning/Ablation procedure was today.  Yuck!  I mean, happy to have it done for sure.

This proved to be the worst one I have gone through yet.  The procedure itself went well I think, time will tell.  He put the needles in a different spot than he had previously, which caused me some intense horrible pain that I could not believe.  It was a radiating burning sensation that was horrible intense and unbelievable.  You wouldn't believe the pain if I could adequately describe it to you.

It did not help I kinda freaked out before the actual procedure.  I had an uncomfortable situation with a nurse.  She put my IV in or tried to put my IV in my right hand while sitting on the complete left side of my body, so I had to stretch my right arm to my left side and keep my face turned the opposite direction. 

For those who follow this, it may be no surprise that this was not the best position to put my body in.  I did manage, until she started telling me to Not MOVE Hold Still, and getting a bit more cranky...  For starters, I HATE IV's!  I REALLY REALLY HATE getting them in my hands! 

My hands hurt anyway, and this is not the best place to find a good vein on me.  She started, the more she poked around in there the squirmier I got.  The more she told me to not move the more upset I got, (thank you PTSD )  Jason stepped in after my vein blew.  

Ugg.. she then proceeded to get a clue..  my bed was moved, I was moved, and she did it the right way and she put it in the inside of the elbow.  That is where I have the best luck getting IV's put in.  I give the nurses two tries and then they have to go get someone else.  I really am not that difficult, I have good veins..

So I already had tensed up muscles in my neck by the time I got to the surgical room.  Oh the joys.  It hurts more when I am tense than when I am relaxed.  But it was over sooner rather than later.  I think I only got three injections instead of 5 so that made it go faster.  They do give you a sedative type thing, that relaxes you.  But they need/want you to feel where the needles are placed so they can confirm that they get the correct spots.  Which is not fun.  They also take pictures of the procedure.  Which is kinda cool, if you want to see needles sticking into your spine..

I got the injections they gave me a topical pain killer, and then after the ablation was over they gave me a longer lasting pain injection..  ( that is the one I really think did NOTHING for me)  I don't know if it was different than before or the same.  But I do know it provided no relief.  The only thing I could think to do once I left that table was to get home and get my medication.  ( I had forgotten my oral medication at home, which was horrible! ) 

I was practically falling out of the room to get out of there.  I knew I was in trouble, and the fastest relief I could get was to get home quick.  I was begging Jason to get me out of there!  Which he went to work to do.  Tracking down the nurses to get things going..  I hurt and it was only getting worse.  My Ehlers Danlos Diagnosis is fairly new and Dr. M and I really did not discuss it allot.  So he is not completely up to speed with it all.  Besides he is not that kind of Dr.. 

We will discuss it more in a couple of weeks have no doubt.  I am not going through another one of those with that same medication.  I am also not going to forget my meds that I know work for me. 

Oh my! 

To top it off, our ride home was in our Jeep, that I love, but is not suitable for carrying a sensitive patient who feels every little bump.  It was a horrible horrendous long ride home.  I was unconsolable and the pain just kept escalating with every bump.  I even had an ice pack but those really do not stay cold very long.  Jason got put through is paces today. 

We got home he carried me in to the house and put me in bed.  THANK YOU ISAGENIX for helping me to loose weight. 

So I have learned some lessons. 
1. Do not get stressed out beforehand.
2. Bring my medication with me.
3. Get a hotel room near the procedure or plan a stay with a friend so there is not a long bumpy ride.
4. Bring lots of soft icepaks
5. As I can not eat prior, bring something to eat afterward.

Yes, we could have driven the car that dad is letting us borrow.  However it still has no air, and when Jason drove it this week down the block to an appointment, he had to jump start it to get home. 

Needless to say until that problem is fixed I am not to get in the car and go anywhere in it either, and Jason smartly avoided driving it although the ride is smoother, the last thing I needed was to sit out in the car in the heat, and wait for it to get a jump. 

We made it home he got me in bed, and got me my medication.  He snuggled up consoling me for hours until the medication made a dent in the pain.  I don't think I would have made it through it if it had not been for his snuggling and niceness efforts.  I was in Hades!

My friends and family were praying, Jason was hanging on and I was just trying to keep my sanity in this process.  Trying not to move trying to keep packs and packs of ice around my neck head and back.  Trying to not scream in Jason's ear and trying to stay as still as possible. 

The meds started working and several hours later I was on the road to recovery.  I am currently iced up, medicated, and propped up.  I am tired and grateful that today is over with.  I never want to have another one like it or as bad or worse than this. 

This pain was like being burned, stabbed and shot I would imagine all at the same time.  It is not something that anyone would subject themselves to if they were not desperate.  And when it wears of in six months to a year I will be back at the Dr. M's office begging him to do it again. 

This procedure sucks!  It is horrible.  But it is also my only miracle.  Hopefully once again I will be blessed by the results of the extra pain that I have endured by going through this will allow me to get around better and not be stuck in bed. 

While it won't fix everything it does help in a major way.  I am so grateful for that! 

So here I will be sitting for a while.  But I am praying to God that my miracle will once again happen and this will stop much of my daily neck pain.  Then I can get back to therapy!!

Oh Lordy Lordy please help my mind erase the pain of today! Your broken child.  Amen

Blessings from a grateful heart! 

Pink Doberman

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