Thursday, June 24, 2010

My BoDy is the same as the WeAtHeR... Or is it??

I had made a post a long time back that My BoDy is the same as the WeAtHeR..  I am excited to report that almost six years now after the accident this is no longer the case. 

An earlier Post I was Cursing the Weather and the fact I could not get my RF procedure any sooner.

2005 Some of my thoughts ( This one is a long one folks.  I moved it over from a blog I had started a while back in another format.)   

It used to be with every front, change in the barometer etc that my body would go into a horrible state.  Emergency Rooms Days upon days of migraine pain.  No relief and when some was found, I might have a good 12-24 hours before the next one hit.

I have been better for about a year now I think.  The weather related migraines seemed to have stopped!  PRAISE GOD!  Man oh Man how glad am I.  I can still feel in my limbs a change.  But it is so much more subtal than it has been previously.  I have been testing this theory out this past year as each system came through, my body has had very little reaction to it.  Oh Oh Lordy Lordy, this girl is incredibly happy! 

While I still have lots of things going on that are wrong with my body.  The weather related migraines had made my life HELL.  Had made Jason's life HELL.    I still get migraines.  I get the kind I have always gotten around that time of the month occasionally.  I really do not believe they are migraines, more like bad headaches.  And then I still get the ones that are related to how I move my head. 

So I still have to keep that in check.  Luka can Alert on those rather well so that helps so much! 

Oddly he never has noticed the PMS ones. 

So, here's my plan. 

Once I get my RF procedure.  It will be two to three months at least of PT and daily exercises before I am going to be able to do much.  I am getting a motor chair tomorrow, so that should really help me get places around town.  As it is I do not leave the house without Jason.  This way I will be able to scoot around with the rest of the girls in the neighborhood!  That should be rather nifty.  I will also be able to get groceries at the store!  ON MY OWN!  Yipee!!! 

I am hoping with a month or so of therapy under my belt I could start driving myself again.  FINGERS crossed!  That would mean I could get myself to my own therapy appointments.  Of course I will have to carry my cooler of ice packs in the car as it does not have air conditioning..  Ha Ha!    Dad offered to get it fixed if it was not much money.  But, I feel guilty getting it fixed.  I mean it does work.  So we will just have to see how it goes.  I may have to break down and take it to the Excellent Ford Dealership to get fixed. 

Radio Frequency Procedure.. Week 1  REST and don't move my neck so I do not do something and bleed.
Week 2 Start Back to Therapy!  WOOT
Week 3 Continue Therapy Start Doing what I can around the house SLOWLY
Week 4 Continue Therapy Evaluate what I am doing and see if I can do more
Week 5 Continue Therapy.. Can I drive yet?
Week 6 Continue Therapy.. What can I do outside?
Week 7 Continue Therapy..  What else can I do?
Week 8 Hopefully driving myself to therapy by now...
Week 9 continue..
Week 10 Can I also run errands?
Week 11 Maybe I will be holding myself together better by now?  Keep on Keeping on..
Week 12 Work Harder Start Pushing myself more.. What are my boundries??
Week 13 Get those projects done that have been sitting around piling up.
Week 14 Stick with the Therapy, Do as much as I can Where Ever I can!!

I still have hopes and dreams you see!  (They are in my head somewhere.  I'll be dusting them off now..)

So this is my plan.  I really hope this works.  My limbs are so much more unstable that they have ever been before.  This winter really did a number on me and the last RF procedure started to wear off in late November early December..  I've been a mess ever since.  So now it is almost July and I will finally be getting some relief.  I hope my doctor now has the willingness to do my RFL closer together like before. 

My RFL Typically lasts anywhere from six months to a year.  So I just have to be paying attention and be prepared to slow myself down before I get into trouble.  Until I can get my next procedure.  I have a window that is about to open where my pain level will be reduced greatly in my neck and I will have opportunities not afforded to me in the past six plus months.  So I do not intend on wasting a moment.  

I think he almost wanted to start crying with me when he was in the office examining me.  At least he has feelings.  Better than a doctor who has no empathy.  I guess that is a reason he makes a good pain management specialist.  Although I think I am about his youngest patient.  Everyone else in there is around 70+ years old. 

Oh well, it works and I am not about to complain.  My body feels like it is 70 but my mind feels like it is 16 and just wants to go dancing with my friends!  I am quite the contradiction. 

Well fingers crossed that I can pull this off and my body will cooperate.  I am not going to get my hopes up about working just yet.  But I am definitely keeping that in mind!   Right now I am soaking as much information in as possible, trying out possibilities and learning and researching all that I can.  I hope some way some day I can do something that not only provides an awesome income but is also fulfilling and gives back to others. 

Thanks for following me on this journey.  Miracles happen!  I am so grateful to have concrete improvement in my situation!  Between the weather not causing migraines every day or every other day and my getting another RFL procedure.  I feel as if I have some potential my neck has been the largest source of pain since the accident.  And it will be so great to be able to hold it up on my own at least sometimes. With out the fear of so much pain.

I know I know I am going to be careful.  I hear Jason's concern in my head.  I will really try to not do anything to mess myself up more!  I won't over do!  I will just proceed slowly and safely! 

Ugg!  That is so not my personality!  Can you say Bull in a China Shop?   Here is a Bull Elk that Jason took a picture of near our house the other day. 

Yup.  Today is the best day I have had in EIGHT DAYS!  Thank God!  I am still resting in bed.. But today I have hurt the least, and I even sat in a fluffy chair in my living room for a bit this morning, and had a chat with a neighbor.  Life has been nice! 

Well.  I am off to watch some more from .  We bought the training session!  It is so worth it!  I think I will watch it until I have it memorized.  Jason is far better at the technical stuff, I am better with the creative stuff, so we make a great team! 

Speaking of Creative!  I managed to make a background for my twitter page!!  Woot!  I have to admit I was a bit nervous about doing it but now that I have done it I think I could do it again and again!  What I made totally features Luka!  I've been adding followers on Twitter too!  It is so fun to have new friends! 

Now if I would just learn what all of the tweeting abbreviations mean.  ( I have been studying that too! ) I love Google! 

Well, that is all for now.  Blessings!
Pink Doberman

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