Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ThE MiRaCLe ArOuNd ThE CoRnEr.. He wished to never wake up.

Sometimes we are one expert away from relief.  In some cases that initial expert may be a health care practitioner, neighbor, family member, newspaper article, etc. that person/media introduces you to the source of the relief.  You then are informed and can seek the actual experts. 

But contrary to my former beliefs.  Doctors do not know every problem that can arise with our bodies, it would be an impossibility for one person to understand everything. The best of the doctors will admit that they do not know, and research it as well as continue with ideas and referrals for you that may connect you with the person who does know. 

Older doctors were taught certain things in medical school, seasoned doctors were taught much of the same but also were exposed to the latest things during their schooling.  Newer doctors are being taught a mix of the discoveries prior as well to the latest discoveries and techniques. 

Our "daughter" who is in school to become a doctor.  Is quite worried and quite stressed by the pressing need she feels to understand and know it all.  She is constantly studying and researching, as she feels a complete all encompassing need to absorb everything fully that she is being taught, as well as research what is being left out, and the latest medical news as it becomes available. 

She is going to be an excellent doctor.  She will be excellent, because she cares.  She will not be excellent because she knows it all, although if anyone can learn it all I believe she could.  She will use what she knows and research what she does not know. 

I think with any of us this can be a true statement.  Do the best with what you have be honorable be intentional be honest. 

This next story is exactly like that.  Like so many of our stories are.  This the story that has inspired this post.  Might I add that I LOVE my latest resource of Twitter!  I learned about this miracle from the BBC on Twitter!  He wished he could go to sleep and never wake up!  The story of Bill Attew. 

If you feel like giving up.  If you are struggling.  I have been there.  I will probably be there again be for this is through.  The thing that keeps me going is the miracle around the corner.  Right now I am holding on for the My RFL Procedure  I am counting the days...  I want out of my prison! 

While it won't solve it all it will provide some relief.

I hope you find the miracle you are looking for!  Pass Bill Attew's Miracle along.  You never know who needs this miracle!

Pink Doberman

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