Monday, June 14, 2010

My Relax The Back Strategy

So I have seemingly over done it again.  I did not do anything except for sit up all day one day in real chairs.  Oh I am so frustrated.  I have spent the past two days on my back.  Medicated out of my mind.  I have yet to take the pills today.  I am sure that when I do I will hopefully be able to get a bath.  Going on Day.. 4 without one.  YUCK!  I am scarred to get stuck in the tub.  I have no intention of getting in to it and have to call for assistance to get out. 

Otherwise I will get one on Day 5.  Jason will be here then. 

Not much else has really been happening I did have a great opportunity to see some friends.  It was fabulous!  I had such a great time!  So did Jason.  My father is back right now and that has been nice to see him as well. 

In fact we have seen several members of our families as of late.  Which has been just wonderful.  I am thankful for that.  I miss not participating more with them but I am grateful for what time I do get. 

The rain has been incredible as of late as well.  Rather timely, just when it starts to dry out it comes again.  It would be fabulous for me of course if I had my garden planted.  But that is not the case. 

I spent $150 on plants and gardening seeds and stuff or so...  It makes me sick to think I may have wasted that money.  I was investing in our future harvest.  Hopefully I will have time yet to get things planted.  I may not have time to get the seeds going but I can put them in the freezer and hope that they will be good until next year.

Today has been thank God for Netflix!  I can watch movies online.  My computer is on a tilt tray that extends over my bed!  Thank You Jason for this great gift!  And Thank You G for my great computer!  With out which I would be only able to get a few channels on the television. 

My legs have been slipping around in my joints I wish what ever is causing all of my pain and discomfort in my upper back and neck would start slipping around and stop pinching all of the nerves and making my muscles so painful.  So it is laying flat for me another day hoping this will start to relax.  It is exciting around here you know. 

I have kept the curtain closed that gives me a view of my bird feeder.  I don't want to be tempted to take pictures of my cute little birds.  I am really trying hard to not aggravate what ever has happened with me any further.  I think it is helping.  I feel better than I did yesterday.   Hopefully things will start relaxing back there.

I am grumpy.  I keep taking breaks from typing here.  I do not feel like talking as much as I would like the company.  I just want to curl up in a ball and have the pain disappear.  I can neither curl up in a ball at this point or seem to get the pain to disappear.  I can think but somehow transferring my thoughts into words leaving my mouth is lost.  My fingers seem to have the best grasp of what goes through my head. 

I wish Jason was home to curl up around me.  Luka is here but he is also rather independent today.  So I will try to loose my head in my third movie of the day.  Forget about the pain.  At least for minutes at a time if the movie is good enough! 

I'd rather be doing something more constructive than watching movies.  It is not to be. 

I was in search of great socks.  I am in need of some new ones.  But I am frustrated by doing it online.  I don't know which brand is better than another.  I am also in search of a new pair of sneakers..  but I will have to wait to make it in to a store to get them fitted. 

Well another movie bites the dust.  Good news though!  Sat up a bit woozy from this one and things seem to be improving!  So I am keeping up with My Relax My Back Strategy!  Ice and resting flat on my back. 

I however did just sit up to eat some leftover pasta from last week.. ( I know, but it didn't smell.. so it was fair game)  Jason made extra and I am so so glad that he did.  But now I am a stuffed full pigglet!  Well I think I might just be onto my fifth movie for the day.  What a bore!  I am however not feeling worse.. so I think I can safely say that is a good sign! 

What to do...  Well my arms are tired again so until tomorrow. 

Happy Thoughts!
Pink Doberman

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