Sunday, June 6, 2010

iNtErStAtE PeOpLe

Thank God for people being placed in my path.  Some are detours, some are dead ends, and some are one way streets.  But many of them are interstate highways!  With information willing to be exchanged both directions with many opportunities for exits and reentry!

Oh my how I love being around interstate people!  Vision, Enthusiasm, Interesting, Open to New Things, Willing to Help, Glass 1/2 Full People, Encouraging, Inviting, Willing, Caring, Decisive, Intuitive, Willing to Jump In, Possibility Thinkers, Dreamers, Visionaries, and the list can go on.

I love being around Interstate People!  Many people are two lane highways, but I love those multiple lane people.

I love living life around them.  I miss that so much.  I've really tried to be like an interstate person.  I definitely feel better when I am surrounded by them.  Thanks to Dave an Interstate Person I spoke with today.

Thanks to my friends Dick and Gwen for being such Interstate People!  And there are more of you!  I think you will know who you are!  I truly appreciate the exchange of ideas!  Ideas lead to more choices!

I love having choices!  The more people who commit to solving problems or finding solutions the more things that can be accomplished!  I am really looking forward to utilizing some of the options I have been given!  Miracles can happen!  Thanks to so many generous gracious Interstate People! 

Another note about Luka.. Today he started to go after his elbow again.  I hate those hot spots that he gets!  Frustrating I had hoped we got that solved.  I guess those allergy shots are going to have to be considered for him.  I really hate to have to medicate him but now that we have the list of actual allergies, well something needs to be done.

I can not just keep him inside.  He is a dog.  Dogs need to be able to be outside, even if this dog had allergies. 

I've got his elbow covered up now.  I'd tell you what I did but I think many of you would be mortified at my method for providing coverage in that area.  It works, and it is not that expensive to use and the best thing is I can keep it on his elbow and it does not fall off!  Use your imagination!  If you really would like to know ask me in the comments section and I will gladly share! 

I cannot wait to share more!  But that is all for now!  I am still working on wedding pictures!  So no pictures to post for my blog yet.  Hopefully there will be again soon!  I am sure there will, it isn't that he hasn't been taking them.  I am just really wanting to figure some other things out yet as well. 

One thing at a time! 

Breathe In Breathe Out!

Pink Doberman

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