Friday, June 18, 2010

RaDiO FreQuEnCy LeSiOniNg ~

While I you read I thought I'd toss in a little of my "eye candy"  The pictures are of no relation to the post.  They are of my "pet" birds.  That feed outside my window.  Enjoy!

Well today has gone like I had hoped and not like I had hoped.  It is very evident that I am not ready to go to work yet.  I look like I am dying.  Whether I am taking medication or not.  I think it is bad either way.  The pain seems to not be able to get under control unless I am lying flat on my back with ice and meds.  Then it gives me some "control" but it does not remove the pain.

So I am only going to talk about the good points of the day.  I am going to completely leave out the worst things.  They just make me furious.  But then several things can get me going lately.

I made it to my appointment with my doctor today.  I did not see his PA this time I saw him!  Glory be to God!  By the time I got to the doctor's office.  I was a wreck.  I woke up a wreck really, but I did get a bath with Jason's help and he did get my hair brushed out.  Thank goodness for that as well.  I really think that I may be due for a hair cut.

I must have looked horrible.  We got to the office about 20 minutes early.  Any chair right now is  considerably difficult for me to sit in.  There is no comfortable way for me to be.  This last bout of my body wreaking havoc on my life... well each time I have good days the bad days following are lasting longer and longer and the pain is becoming more an more intense.  I am so frustrated.

The wrong moves or chairs or whatever are making my pain intense.  The good news is that my doctor saw me, inspected me, asked me questions and then agreed that the Radio Frequency Ablation or Lesioning (Click to SEE the actual procedure)  was indeed the best answer for me.  I will get four or five needles again.  I can expect to do this for the rest of my life around once a year.  At least that is the way it stands now.  I am so grateful.
( I just found this video online that describes the procedure.)

For as horrible as this procedure is.  This will be my 4th or fifth time getting it.  I love it.  It helps so much!  I also hate it.  But it is the only thing that helps short of killing myself with narcotics and other pain killers over the rest of my life.  I still have to take those to but not nearly in the amounts as when the ablation procedure wears off.

Jason has been absolutely wonderful today.  He is everyday.  Today was a hard one.  I have been in bed for about 6-7 days now.  While I was out and about today, it was not a pretty site.  Luka stayed home, I am not well enough to use his services, so Jason was on Super Duty!

Jason spoke up when the doctor asked questions and he made the appointment go so much smoother.  He got me some water for me to take my medications with and helped me all around and in and out of the places we had to go.

My phone has also not been working AGAIN..  But Sprint stepped up again today and traded my phone out for another.  I now have a newer version of my phone.  Thank goodness for phone insurance.  I drop everything.. so my phone is pretty abused.  I am getting the better end of this insurance deal than they are at this point.  Phew!  One thing insurance is good for!

Well at any rate.  The day turned out better than it started.  I am tucked back in bed and resting with my ice packs and am not planning on moving much.   Hopefully I won't suffer for my actions today when tomorrow arrives.

The doctor even is squeezing in my procedure next week.  Phew!  I am so grateful!
On another note:  There is now an actress Cherylee Houston in the United Kingdom that has and portrays a character with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome!  How cool is that!  Here is a link to an article I found about her.  Another blog that I like to read shared a video link about her, sadly that link is only available to be watched inside the United Kingdom..    You can read the post at the very least at:  Benefit Scrounging Scum

Go Cherylee!  How great is that!

I have not been talking about the disaster going on in the gulf with the oil spill and the British Petroleum Disaster.  I am aware.  I am just to saddened by the entire ordeal to even have a comment on it.  I am sending prayers for all of the wildlife and people who are being affected by this.

In addition in our own lovely state of Nebraska  is flooded as well as many other naturally occurring disasters all over the planet these days.  At one point in my life I was one of the people called upon to help in these instances.  I feel quite helpless and useless these days as I hear of these events happening and my inability to be of any help.

My cousins are even in one of these areas as well as several friends.  Life sure does toss curve balls out.

So saying lots of prayers for lots of folks and lots of cares.

Hugs Blessings, and Strength.. with a Faith that we will all make it through!

Pink Doberman

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