Friday, June 4, 2010

Da PaiN Da PaiN.....

I loved watching the TV Show Fantasy Island when I was little.  I did not get the chance to watch it very often I am not sure I even understood the show.  I do now but then.  Well, life was different.  My life to me was like a fantasy.  I grew up in the country, with plenty things to imagine and do.  I made toys out of things I found and had a ball playing with the latest batch of kittens, or brushing my horse. 

The Love Boat was another favorite show.  I can still hear the theme song playing in my head.  The happy life the life of dreams and of possibilities.

I have been starting to dream.  I don't know if these dreams will come true or not.  At this point when I don't know which path is the best for me to travel, I don't know which place to latch on to. 

I am hoping to get some clarity in the coming weeks.  I am hoping that the resources I am drawing near to myself will give me the answers and the information I am seeking.  I don't have the luxury of starting over at something multiple times to get it right.  What ever I do next needs to be something that sticks, something that is life changing.  Something that can unbury us. 

Something significant, something substantial.  Something that makes a difference an impact and will work with my abilities.  What that is I am not sure.  What is feasible, I am not sure.  What is available for me, I am not sure.  What I can manage I am not sure.  When will I be sure. 

That is an answer to be gotten at the end of my time here.  I can only imagine, dream and put forth the effort.  Time will tell the story.  Time will be the deciding factor.  Time will be the thing that shares the determination.

In the mean time I will dream again about Love, Boats, Fantasies, and Islands!  Maybe I need to go to the ocean...  ???

Da Pain Da Pain.... I hope there is no more pain.  I might be delirious...

Pink Doberman

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