Friday, June 11, 2010


Today is better!  Finally!  I began to feel better last night thankfully!  Whew!  I can at least move around a bit more now so the house is not nearly as trashed.  I feel very sorry for Jason.  Days I do not feel well, I am not that slick at picking up things I touch.  I do things out of necessity or extreme curiosity and that is about it.  Leaving a trail of mayhem behind me.

Days of not feeling the best can really leave our house in a messy state.  So this morning as usual, the first sign of my feeling a bit better, I try to get around and replace my damage.  So that is what I did when I woke up this morning.  Shuffled my bits around and had it done by the time Jason arrived home from work. 

I did get some pictures done.  They are of my garden.  They are several weeks old now, and my strawberries are now HUGE!  I have been eating strawberries from my garden THREE bowls full so far!   MmmMMmmM!

I love strawberries!  Even better when they are FREE!  So I will be taking some more pictures here soon of my beautiful strawberry plants to show!  Other friends are having good strawberry years as well.

These are the onions that grew from last year as well!  They are now turning to seed!  They have really pretty seeds that pop out from the top of the green stalks.  I have to get a picture of this as well.  I think they are interesting!

Right now out side my window the new little birds are still trying to negotiate landing on the little perches of my finch feeder.  They are having quite the time of it.  One daring chick even is able to manage to eat where the perch has been broken off.  Pretty impressive I would say!  These finches are so so cute!

Look at these nice onions!  I am sure going to do this again next year!  Plant them in the fall to enjoy them in the spring!  So great!  The winter made them fabulously delicious!

Rhubarb!  MMM!  Goes perfect with Strawberries!  I really need to get more plants of this started!  I love Rhubarb! 

The strawberries just went through the fence this winter.  They started taking over the rest of the garden!  =)..  We will have to do some transplanting later.  I have space for them they just went in the opposite direction from where I wanted them to expand. 

Aren't they pretty? 

I am just loving my strawberry bed! 
Life is good!  I can move easier today, I have beautiful new finches to watch, I have strawberries growing in my garden, onions to eat, and rhubarb to munch on! 

We are even hoping to have company today!  That will be fabulous!  I can't wait.  I love visitors!  My last visitor brought me the honey comb I had ordered!  I love our local bee keeper and his wife! 

Amazing things are happening,
Pink Doberman

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