Thursday, June 3, 2010


Some days all I can think of is eating.  Even though I am so not hungry.  I think it is an emotional attachment to food.  Not a practical one.  It is amusing me tonight as I write. 

I have had my shake and my bar today, as well as a MONSTER bowl of chili soup!  Which was magnificent!  But I did a bad thing and ate it while I was doing something else instead of sit and just enjoy the soup.  I think that helps me. 

I realize that I am not actually hungry.  In fact it is not even a conscious thing but something going on unconsciously.  If I had a bowl of anything sitting near me right now I would eat it all and feel so so sick.  My tummy is actually so full it is aching. 

But maybe after a bit I can have a spoonful of the chocolate ice cream that has been calling my name.  Or is it the peanut butter.... or those freshly picked strawberries....   ????  

Decisions decisions.. maybe I just need a larger spoon? 

A little dab will usually do me! 

I've got to get the photographs under control.  I miss posting the cool pictures we've been taking! 

Soon, I will figure this all out again!  I promise.  No where is that spoon!  Hee Hee!!

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