Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FrEsHeNeD uP

What I thought was improving I am not sure that it is.  I am having problems sleeping and the pain has been increasing.  The meds have not yet been able to take the edge off for me to fall asleep.  So I am writing in hopes that doing what I can to stay busy will help me sleep.

I just finished watching a french movie called Priceless from netflix!  I stayed awake and read the subtitles.  I thought for sure I'd doze off being I had to read and all.  Nope.. pain worse wide awake, more ice more meds the aggravation sets in.

Tomorrow I had hopes of doing things.  Sitting up being first on the list.  I'd also like another bath, although I never did manage to get my hair brushed out from the last one.  I think I just have one big rats nest. 

I do have a doctor appointment next week.  But it will do nothing for the pain, at least not instantly.  I will have to schedule again for that as well if the doctor thinks I am suited for the procedure again. 

I really hope he agrees that I can't go on like this.  It has been over six months since in my opinion the procedure should have been done.  Partial my fault and partially schedule difficulties. 

I am trying to keep the fact that I am seemingly nauseated out of my mind.  I am going to take a pill for that too I guess since I would not be able to handle getting sick like that with the way I feel physically in my neck and back.  Oh God Please make it all stop!

Well that is done.  Those pills are NASTY!  I avoid them like the plague.. Which is probably what I would feel I had gotten if I hadn't taken it.  I'd be praying to the porcelain god of kill me now!

It is a special day for one of our girls tomorrow as well.  Her wedding. 

Things just don't work out like we'd like to sometimes.  I am not needed of course, but giving her a squeeze would sure be a great thing to be able to do.  I guess it will have to wait for another day.

It won't be the first special day we have missed because of this and I am sure it won't be the last. 

At any rate.  Life is like a box of chocolates.... (from the movie Forest Gump)

Well I am going to try this sleeping thing yet again. 

I am all freshened up.  Fresh Ice Pack, more meds, pillows appropriately arranged, Luka settled.. 

Other wise I guess I will just be messaging my friends on the other side of the globe all night via Facebook.

By the way the movie was a very good one.  You should watch it.  It was a complete chick flick!  Thanks Netflix

Pink Doberman

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