Sunday, June 13, 2010

GrAn ToRiNo & NaChFoLgE

A friend of mine made a recent post.  Talking about people opening up their minds and their hearts. 

His words touched mine.  I sure try not to judge other people, but I do.  I really really have always tried not to.  I do not like being judged.  In fact I really don't know anyone who does.  I wouldn't mind of course if I entered myself into some sort of contest.  But other than that..

I catch myself.  I do admit I have a great deal of fear about a great deal of things.  I used to be fearless.  I am also rather opinionated and I do realize that my opinions are not always right, and I frequently take adjustments to heart.  However just because I don't agree with you about something does not necessarily mean you still can not be my friend. 

I just might have to try a little harder to be a better friend. 

I am quoting my reverend friend by saying that " We are called to Love.  We are not called to judge."  Check his great blog out, Nachfolge.  Thanks for the great perspective!

I try each day to be open minded and consider how other people feel in their shoes in their life with their troubles and their daily obstacles.  It helps me to be a little more compassionate and understanding.  It helps me to meet them where they are at and to let them know I am listening not judging. 

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