Monday, June 7, 2010

My SeRviCe DoG ~ LeaRn A LiTtLe AbOuT uS...

Jason and I are a great team.  When Jason can't be around then it has been the biggest blessing to have Luka.  Luka and I are a team as well.  In fact it is often that Jason and Luka and I make up the best team.  Both of my guys on either side of me. 

This gives Jason some freedom and me some security.  Jason should be free to wander with out worrying about my every move.  And I like being to do as I please with out dragging him along. 

The other day Luka was not with us, I needed some ideas on what to wear for a wedding.  So Jason went with me through all of the clothes racks in this nice store.  He felt awkward.  Like he was less than because I was dragging him and looking at every rack of clothing and he had to be right by my side.  I think he must have got some sympathy looks from people. 

I am always so grateful when he does things like this with me, but I think he was wishing that Luka could have come with us for that trip.  =)

I get asked lots of questions from people.  I am happy to answer them of course.  But I thought I should provide some enhanced information as well.  So enjoy these links below! 

Service Dogs Are Important to Many People!   Click this link to learn a little about why Luka is so important to me!

What you can do to support people with disabilities invisible or visible...  One thing is to support legislation in the State of Nebraska!  Please take a moment to email or call Nebraska State Senator Kate Sullivan and give her your thoughts!  She is revamping the legislation to present to the State Legislature in the next Legislative Session!    It is important to people like me.  It may also be important to you or someone you know and love.

District 41
Room #1019
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
Phone: (402) 471-2631 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (402) 471-2631      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Click to read my speech that I presented to the Nebraska State Legislature Committee in charge of passing on this legislation to the full body of the legislature.  (  Note.  The legislation from last session did not pass, however, Senator Kate Sullivan is revamping the legislation and will be presenting it again in a stronger more comprehensive form )  She is open to ideas and thoughts.  She is one of my Interstate People!  

Read about Melissa and Shiloh and all of her great information! 

If you have an assistance dog check out this site!  There is even an upcoming conference!  How cool is that?  You can learn from experts, network with others, and find ways to make your life easier!  I found out about it on Melissa's site.  

Luka and I are a pretty good team.  He has professional training I don't.  Well, we were not trained together.  We are just learning to work together over time.  Our vocabulary was different, but our goals were the same.  We are adapting.  I have learned more words, researched training methods, and been quite observant.  Luka, well he is a doberman, and dobermans are super smart of course.  He is just adapting to what I need.  He is just awesome.  

He really does not like it when I get in water.  Although being trained as a seizure alert dog who can really blame him.  I love water so he is getting used to me being in the bath, we have not practiced much around pools this year, but last year we were getting better.  We will keep working at it as long as he is willing and able to head out with me.

I still need to see if he actually swims.  I want to take him to a lake to find out.  That should prove to be interesting!  =)

We are hanging out in the rain today!  Gotta love the freshness that rain brings! 

Here is something else to think about!  Melissa Mitchell has a great blog, and since Take Your Dog To Work Day Is Pretty Popular.. Read her post to learn how to do it and have the best results!!  Really her tips are great to use with your dog be it a service dog or just a regular household buddy! 

Thanks for learning with me today!

Endless Possibilities!,
Pink Doberman

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