Thursday, June 17, 2010


I am trying to focus!  Focus on the future.  Not all of the things I have missed in the past!  The past being even 5 minutes ago. 

I do realize that I am a huge whiny baby.  I hope to put this chapter behind me here soon.  I am hoping that by going to a different Vocational Rehabilitation facility that I will achieve different results.  I am planning to leave Luka home.  I have an orientation meeting.  I also have an idea of what I can do!  As last time the case worker had absolutely no interest in even thinking of things I could do.  She handed me the paper and said to call the 1 800 numbers and stuff envelopes.  (That just pisses me off to no end!) 

So I have been doing my own research.  My own learning.  Which of course I don't mind, but I thought that is what their jobs were to help me figure this stuff out.  

Well I have, and I am in hopes that they will agree that it is something suitable for me. 

So here is to the past being in the past and the doors to the future cracking open!  Clink!

(Still resting in bed.  It is helping.  Still hurting lots.  But plan to make it to my appointments tomorrow! ~one of which is with the Dr. who can stop this pain! )

Pink Doberman

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