Friday, June 25, 2010


So I go in tomorrow for my RFL procedure.  I am happy about that!  I know after this they will also have to do something to my lower back again but hey!  I will be happy to sit with my head up for longer periods of time soon!  It does take a while to work.  But when it does take effect I love it!  Life is so much better.

Now if only I would stop dislocating everything.  ( I will be working on that again soon too!)  Oh joy!

Well, today was the first day in a week and a half or so that I can remember getting out of the house.  Except for a Dr. Appointment.  Jason and I took a drive.  It was lovely!  We took a scenic drive to "tour" the flooded lake areas in our neck of the woods.  He loves that sort of stuff.  I love riding around with him. We had the "lid" off of his Jeep and we just drove for miles.  When we got back to town, I was sure ready to get out of the Jeep.  I waddled to bed and here I sit.  Icing my back and neck.  It was worth it!  Besides it isn't like I am going to really be doing much of that right away anyhow.

I will be waiting at least another week before I start to move around much.  Gotta get those injections sites healed good so I don't start bleeding.  Ick!

Sorry no pictures.  My hands at this point are going to sleep while I type so I need to get off the computer.  Besides it is time to get some ZZZZz's

Please note:  I am not feeling sorry for myself!  I am overjoyed that this procedure is available to me!

One of the blogs I follow Nienie..  Look to the right of this post and you will see her blog.  Read her courageous story!  She is an inspiration to me!  So is Katheryn Wolf read her blog too!  Wow, well actually there are countless inspiring people out there.  Ok I really need to stop now.. 

I will post tomorrow about how it went.  Thanks for popping by!


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