Tuesday, June 15, 2010

CrEaTiVeLiVe.CoM = LoVe

Well this has made the fourth day laying down in bed.  I can tell things are relaxing back there.  I do not know what I did.  But finally things are getting a bit better.  I leaned up for part of today which was nice.  I am icing like crazy and I hope it is helping.  I have a soft pack on my neck and a hard ice pack on the pillow next to me for when this one warms up.  In an hour or so the other pack will have started to soften and I will add that to the back of my head neck and back.

The ice does help.

Luka has been my constant bed mate these days.  He just finished a stuffed animal he'd been lovingly carrying around.  It is now scattered delimbed all over the bed.  He is feeling quite proud of himself.  He does not rip up his boots.  He knows better but his lovey baby is now history.

This is a short post.  While my arms are hurting still they are not as bad as they were.  I am just quite tired tonight and need to get some sleep.

I guess if I had to be stuck in bed this was a decent time to be laying here.  There have been some FREE online photography classes that I can watch at www.creativelive.com  .  Of course by the time this posts the class I am watching will be through, but you can sign yourself up for some other classes of interest in the coming weeks.  They are 100% worth the value.  In fact they are an AMAZING value!  I do hope you will check them out!

This is my plug for www.creativelive.com  this online training system is the best thing for me!  I can learn a bunch of things for free, taught by experts, without leaving my bed!

I feel I have been a very lucky girl to have come upon this stash of great information and generous instructors and crew!  Check it out!  You will be impressed I guarantee!

I am in love!  I am also a big Dork!

Pink Doberman

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