Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It would appear that I have once again done to much.  Although it seems as if I have done nothing at all.  It sure feels that way to me.  What ever I have done has been exceedingly too much for my body to deal with. 

I swore that I rested just rested yesterday.  I was sore and achy from my days before.  So I just did as little as possible and rested.  Today you would never know that.  I woke up with difficulty.  I woke up and wished I could just stay in bed.  But I had appointments to keep with my therapists. 

I did not take a shower as I had planned.  I just washed my face and brushed my teeth put clean clothes on and at a IsaBar.  I made it to the Jeep, where I managed to get myself in my seat, and Jason drove me to therapy. 

By the time we arrived I was feeling worse.  The bumpy ride must not have agreed with my body.  I had traveled with a multicolored afghan that my friend had made for me.  I was a bit chilly this morning.  By the time we arrived my teeth were chattering away uncontrollably. 

I made it into the office and things went downhill from there.  Most days like this no one sees me.  I figure it out sooner and I get myself in a bath or tucked in with my electric blanket and just wait for the pain and the chills to dissipate. 

The good news!  I was in the right therapy office for this to happen to me.  They put me on this water jet table.  With blankets and everything!  The office even has a Doctor who is there.  I had taken some medication before we left.  The Doctor gave me a shot of more medication, and they wheeled me out to the Jeep for a ride home. 

Glad I was there.  I hate suffering through these periods at home.  Especially when I am alone.  I am so glad Jason was around.  I've been in bed the rest of the day.  But I still feel like I've been hit by a truck.  Guess my body needed a break. 

I am so frustrated.  Today was also the last day that I had therapy at that clinic with the amazing therapist.  He leaves for Idaho this week.  I wish him well.  I will be starting with a different therapist there when I return.  Not sure when that will be yet.  I am going to let my body calm down and then get something set up. 

Every thing else is on hold til then. 

Funny this morning, the Doctor who does my facet ablations couldn't keep his appointment with me today either.  I am glad.  As I would have had to call and cancel at any rate.  So that is already rescheduled.  Phew!

I sure would love to get that over with!  Taking some pain away from one part of my body may help me cope. 

So... Jason snuggled with me this morning after we got home.  That does not happen often at all.  He was so nice about laying down when I know his mind was running a million miles a minute.  This boy hates to snuggle and stay still. 

But he did it today.  It was so nice! 

So tomorrow.  I will be once again resting...  Maybe it will be nice enough for me to rest outside?? 

One fun thing...  My bird feeder outside my window... the finches have multiplied!  There are lots of new little finches feeding at my feeder!  I am loving it, they are learning to fly skillfully enough to land on the little perches to get some food!  What fun!

Now if the pain radiating all over my body would go away.  Oh my.  The medication just does not do enough some days. 

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