Tuesday, June 8, 2010

GiViNg Up bUt NoT iN..

So my challenge for the weekend has been to start sitting differently.  This has been highly difficult.  In addition to how I sit, I often find my self sleeping improperly as well.  My legs and my mind are adjusting.  With the exception of stressful periods of my day I am doing well.  I find that I am able to do what I thought was impossible. 

I have given up soda pop 12 or so years ago. 

I gave up having a candy bar a day...

I have given up most fast food... 

I have given up milk and regular ice cream.

I have now given up gluten.

I have practically given up driving... ( but hope to continue to add that back in my life)

I am giving up the hope of having the life I once had, in loo of choosing a new path.

I am sure this won't be the last thing that I will give up for the betterment of my life.  But this is something that I always have considered part of my personal identity.  Something that I have always done since I was a small child.  Something I even did in my sleep, a place with myself I can become calmer...  I am going to have to create a new place.   A new Zen if you will because this yoga pose is out my window. 

I am now giving up my security sitting position.  ( legs folded across each other infront of  me )

  In fact, I am now turning them out the opposite direction.  Believe it or not, that is my latest addition to my physical therapy.  No more piling my legs atop one another and placing them on my chest all curled up when I sit in chairs.  Oh my what a struggle this is.

I feel as if my whole life is being turned atop of its self.  I eat shakes for breakfast instead of oatmeal or cherrio's.   I like it better.  I feel better.  I am sure I will also feel better after this change as well.

But right now, I admit I am not liking it.

By the way a few days ago I posted about getting a bite of ice cream.. Soy/Coconut ice cream that is...  I never did go and get the goodie like I thought I might.  But tonight I went for it.  I cut up my pile of strawberries, added three scoops of soy ice cream.... then found the remaining HOT FUDGE! 

Can you say HEAVEN!!???  I CAN!  I ate it all up!  That was supper.  Well that was my first course.  I was hungry tonight!  Following my frozen joy, I then had the weird combination of feta cheese and smoked oysters, and since I still seemed to be needing something, I ate fresh spinach and more feta cheese with that spray salad dressing.  Oh my!  That did the trick!  This girl is full. 

I don't recommend the smoked oysters and feta combination... that was not that fantastic.  But my body must have been craving something in those items.  Between craving and that is about all that I could think to make.... simple to open a can of those oysters!  And I love them!  I know, yet another strange thing about me! 

Well any way, my confession is out and about.  You may decide to stop reading because my strange food combination.   I hope not.  I will  try to keep my posts about them to a minimum.   Or... you could share some of your favorite strange food combinations with me?? Maybe I will give them a go??

What are you giving up??

With everything I have given up I have added in something to replace it.  I drink tons of water, eat lots of fruit, drink shakes and bars instead of breakfast cereals, choose fork food over fast food, eat coconut ice cream instead of milk cream, and sit with my legs turned out instead of turned in. 

I add something in where I take something out.  My life is about choices.  I am choosing to do what I can to make my life better for me to live. 

I am also giving up my bad habit of negative thinking that I have developed and honed over the past six years.  I don't like the person I have become.  I am taking back my mind.  I have done it before, I am going to do it again.  I am going to be happy come hell or high water....   Well.... maybe I should rephrase that, since I neither want hell or high water...

I am going to be happy, no matter who is not happy around me!  Now where are my positive thinking cassette tapes???  They are around here somewhere...

Perfection Exception,
Positively Perfect!
Pink Doberman

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